The Future is Techie

The Future is Techie: On Business and Technology

By Rogers Wanambwa

If you had told me that I would be doing all my work virtually online in 2019, I would have laughed at that. Simply because last year, I had never done it before.

It’s amazing how life can drastically change in just a year. Today, all my work is done online.

Well, to take back a little bit, I started working with my current employers last year after the onset of COVID-19 lockdown and no one could have predicted how life would change forever.

I mean, who could imagine an entire company working from their homes and still deliver on their tasks? This, especially in countries on the African continent!

Even overseas, it is a new phenomenon.

It is safe to say that the future is techie.

I guess this is a great time to talk about business and tech and the guys at Afrobloggers who are the ones behind the #WinterABC2021 promptly brought this topic: Business and Tech.

Let me paint a picture. You wake up at 5 am, prepare yourself and then sit in front of your laptop or phone and begin to work. Develop content for different clients, review and edit work from interns, and colleagues, then send it out.

Develop graphics, liaise with clients and other related personnel on different engagements. You are having breakfast, lunch and before you know, dinner or supper while you are focused.

Does this end? Unless you intentionally give yourself a break, it may never do.

That’s my life now.

If you have been reading my posts here, you know what kind of work I do and why my work is like this.

But technology in business goes beyond techies, digital normads, digital citizens, and the like.

This week, we will delve into how technology is disrupting traditional workplaces, businesses and we will see how you can leverage it to enhance your business.

I may even give examples from what some of our clients get from utilizing technology in their work despite not being tech-savvy or directly involved in the tech side of things.


1. Techie: A person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing.

2. Digital Normad: A person who uses telecommunications technologies to earn a living and conduct their life in a normadic manner.

3. Digital Citizen: A person who has the knowledge and skills to effectively use digital technologies to communicate with others, participate in society and create and consume digital content.

4. Tech: Used to describe a company, system, area of work, etc. that does or makes something involving technology

Strong Alone

Strong Alone: Can you manage to live a healthy happy life alone?

By Rogers Wanambwa

Today I had an intriguing conversation with a long-time friend about relationships of all kinds. From platonic, familial, agape, and romantic ones.

According to her, yes she’s a lady, she’s absolutely okay being single and with few friends who she occasionally checks, or they check on her.

I had casually asked her about her perpetual singleness to which she pointed out that I also haven’t been in a relationship for all the years she has known me.

The question of whether people can live single contented lives in which they are strong enough to survive this life came up.

Considering we are both pro this, I considered bringing in other parties to the conversation. Like you, my dear reader. What do you think?

Is it possible to live a happy, contented life without dating or being in a relationship?

Can you live without many friends or connections and be still to navigate this tumultuous life?

Can you be strong alone?

Beautiful Illusions

You asked about me and I was elated,
After all, you have always been my crush!
I asked for your number and casually gave it,
I was over the moon.

At last, God…was it really Him at work?
Our conversations started at a high pitch,
Perhaps it should have scared me.
But I was just delighted you were talking to me.

And then it started.
You showed your true colours,
Maybe because you realized I wasn’t it?
Or maybe just because in the end, an unmentioned boyfriend came into play.

Why he never came up at the beginning, I don’t know.
Why did you ask if I was single if you were unavailable?
Guess I will never know,
Because I can discern a heartbreak if there ever was one.

And I am not falling into one now,
Not after protecting my heart all these years.
You are and were always a beautiful illusion.
Thanks for the fifteen minutes of attention.

By Rogers Wanambwa

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