Entertainment vs Edification in today’s church

By Wanambwa M. Rogers

Rubaga Cathedral Church

Nowadays whenever I go to church, I’m perturbed by the way services are conducted! It’s more about entertaining patrons than edifying us. As a person who has grown up in church, the difference is really loud(pan intended).

Edification, for those who may not know it’s meaning is defined as the act of edifying, or the state of being edified; a building up, especially in a moral, emotional, or spiritual sense; moral, intellectual, or spiritual improvement; through encouragement and instruction(Wiktionary definition).

I know you are wondering what I’m on about so let me expound:

From the definition of edification above, you can clearly see or get a picture of why and what I expect when I go to church. However, you’ll agree with me that that has increasingly become less and less common(ironically). You’re more likely to find dancers on stage(read pulpit) than a prayer warrior, mostly called intercessors, more likely to find a pastor preaching about giving of offertory and tithe than one preaching about repentance and righteousness. The irony here is that he is preaching giving to a largely unemployed congregation! Where he expects them to get incomes on which to remove tithe from, I don’t know.

Back then, Sunday School services for the children was a major priority and these were supervised by professional teachers who would teach the young generation about different topics in the Bible. Nowadays, with all the many mushrooming churches, these are no longer a priority. The kids are left outside to play as the adults pray. And we wonder where their morals are at. I mean with parents becoming more and more busy, it’s institutions like church that can be turned to to take on the mantle, as it always has, but it appears this is also no longer the case.

With church leaders becoming more flamboyant by the day, can you expect them to say anything about the flock that goes to church half naked and nursing hangovers from the previous night? You cannot point at the speck in the eye when yours is full of them can you? And so we all keep quiet and let the music play.

The pulpit is supposed to be a holy place, but everyone is nowadays allowed to step there. The person who was entertaining in a bar last night will be preaching “come to Jesus” sermons in church on Sunday and everyone will clap. After all, God says to never judge anyone and to allow everyone in church, right? How people can twist scripture is just astounding.

You may wonder why I’m appearing to be ranting but there must be something different between a disco or club and a church. I’m not saying we all follow the stoic ways of the Catholic church but still we cannot be a Sunday disco and still think we’re on the right truck.

Church is where our spirits are supposed to rest. The place where our problems are solved(at least that should be the case). I mean, if I’m going to keep believing in the God there, there must be some answers to my questions, right? Shouldn’t the teachings there bring unity and peace?

Church is supposed to be God’s dwelling place not an entertainment center. We cannot forget that and maybe the problem is that most people nowadays have a relationship with Sunday and not God(as Bishop T.D.Jakes says)?

Otherwise, if we all had a relationship with God, we would know the difference.
It is very rare to find teachings in church nowadays. On anything. Everyone keeps spewing out the same things on offertory(by the way, I’m not against giving in church and I give every time I’m there). And so the educated generation knows less and less scripture than it’s predecessor who had less education(again, I find this ironic and just plain sad).

Why is what is the precision and essence of what preached and taught, and the goings-on in church of utmost importance? Well, it is a place that shapes the lives of billions of human beings. That alone is telling in itself. Church shapes future mothers and fathers, future leaders, politicians, educationists and the general populace. Their morality, spirituality, responsibility, belief system, behaviour, thought process and actions will all be and are determined by what they got taught in church. You see the importance and impact of church?

It shapes humanity.

Therefore, to me, we cannot sit back and pay no heed to the fact that church experience is fast becoming ungodly.

This discussion is open to debate.

The writer has been a Born Again Christian from 2003.

I Want To Love

I want to love,
But I’m scared to trust.

I want to feel,
But I’m scared to hurt.

My insecurities,
They loom above me,
Like gaint cumulo-nimbus clouds
Coupled with unending, mind numbing thunder!
Not to say sight blinding lightning.

My past experiences,
They work against me.
Taunting me with heart wrenching memories.

My social engagements(read social media),
They do nothing but discourage me,
With saddening tales,
Tales of un faithfulness,
Of disloyalty, of short-lived relationships.

Even statistics, conspire against long term commitment.
I don’t know but,
I want to love.

And I’m scared to love.

I’m hooked

She’s just toying with me I know,
But I’m hooked.

She blue ticks my messages and
Only answers when she feels like.
I should stop texting her I know,
But I’m hooked.

She says a few words just to keep my interest,
Even though she doesn’t mean them I know,
But I’m hooked.

My words flow like a river when I talk to her,
And hers are rare like a river in the desert.
I should move on I know,
But I’m hooked.

It really does seem like there’s no chance for us to be together I know,
But what can I say,
I’m hooked.

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