Tied in Shackles

By Wanambwa M. Rogers

I want to do a lot, but it seems my hands are tied.
I want to say a lot, but it seems my tongue is tied.
I want to go places, but it seems my legs are in shackles.
I want to contribute to the world, but I’m also in need of a contribution.


What To Do During This Quarantine Period?

By Wanambwa M. Rogers

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Saturday, Apr 4, 2020. 12:45 EAT

Following the threatening spread of the COVID-19 virus to over 199 countries and 1,127,528 cases as of today, many countries, including Uganda have already issued a lockdown in various stages and quarantine measures for their citizens. Obviously, this leaves a lot of ‘free time’ to lounge around and do nothing.

However, as the saying goes, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop and we wouldn’t want that. So how do we spend our time in this quarantine period? Glad you asked. Here are a few ways in which you can spend your time during this quarantine period:


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Did you know that there are over around 130million( 129,864,880 to be exact) published books in the world? This means that you would need 355794 years to read them all if you were to start reading a book each day. Anyway, point is there is a vast source of entertainment in books. From romance novels, to autobiographies, fantasy, horror, cooking recipes, History, Law, Economics, Sci-f or fiction, Nature and Geography, Language learning books, self help books, motivational books, to about anything you can think of; someone has written a book about it. You can actually teach yourself several things by brushing up on your reading skills this quarantine period.

There are even virtual book clubs we’re you can share what you are reading with others and you can get good reading material or suggestions from the reading community(s) around the world.


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There is a lot of content already produced for your viewing pleasure. Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood produce a combined 2000 movies per years at least. And here you’ve not considered all the other content other countries produce. Nowadays many people are hooked on Chinese and Korean movies for example.

There are a number of you can access these movies like Netflix, on DVD, on a flash, and other streaming portals. Of course you may have to incur an initial small cost like $12 for Netflix but they offered free streaming during this period. You can even rewatch your favourite series like Smallville, Prison Break, Suits, Blacklist and others, or movies like Avengers, Black panther, and the Hallmark Christmas movies which are generally a treat.

Local TV stations also provide several interesting programs that you can follow including the News to keep updated on what’s going on around the world.


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There’s a saying that says ‘music is the food of the soul’ and you can never listen to all the music in the world and finish it as it is. Music is a soothing balm to the heart, a merry company to those that want to celebrate and a solemn companion to those in grief. There’s music all occasions. Even those in love have something for them.
So why not discover a new genre of music that will interest you during this period or new artists from your normal ones. Or just make a new playlist(s) to listen to. This can be done as you go about doing your house chores or just sitting in a corner with a book in your hand.

There are other things you can listen to like podcasts and audiobooks on different subjects you can listen to. In fact, for those that don’t enjoy reading, thousands of books have been turned into audiobooks for you to simply listen to.

Other activities

As it is, you may get tired of all the above at one point so here are other things you can indulge in:

Starting a small garden

This can be a vegetable garden, a flower garden or something like that.

Write a book or articles

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Considering you are home doing nothing, why not write that book you’ve always wanted to? Even if you’ve never written before, you may be surprised at how things will go and with all these online platforms, your content can be posted or taken up by different people. Never know, you may even take writing up as a serious vocation.


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It is important to stay in shape and hence you shouldn’t slack on your physical health will at home. Daily press-ups, sit-ups, jogs around the neighbourhood and the like. There are apps to help you out nowadays too! Make use of them.

Learn new cooking skills

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Yes, why not? You’re home after all. As a matter of fact, there are many cooking videos on YouTube to help you out too. Or you can just ask mom her secret ingredient recipes.


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If you are artistically talent, why not hone those drawing skills.

Create a blog or vlog

There’s unlimited potential in you and you can express yourself in many ways. Through such platforms, like a YouTube channel, a blog or vlog, you can be able to showcase what you got to the world.

Play with your family or colleagues

It is important to create bonds and this is one way to do it. Don’t be a Debbie Downer and irritate everyone around you.

Rejuvenate your faith

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Since we’re always ‘busy’, we tend to slack in the faith department. This is your chance to catch up with your God. Read the Bible or Quran or both and compare notes. Pray and fast(this is even good for your health) and reconnect with your inner self and God.

The writer is an Alumnus of Kampala International University.

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