Beware of Cyber attacks

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By Wanambwa M. Rogers

#MayBlogging #Day31

Since almost everyone in the world is staying home, many people are working from home too and this in most cases involves working online.

Teleconferences, video conferences, and even monetary transactions can and are being carried out via the internet.
This has attracted many cyber criminals to start looking for unsuspecting users as their targets.

According to a report by BBC-AFRICA, 513 corona virus emails are sent to email users daily containing a link that when clicked, takes the unsuspecting users to a page that collects their log in details amongst other information like their financials and social media accounts.

Basically, all the information attached to the email account. Since many people nowadays do attach their email to almost everything, the effect is humongous.

These attacks happen to everyone. From hospitals, universities, companies, small businesses, government institutions, individuals to even the police and the army.

Apparently 200,000 emails are being sent at a time and many people are falling victims. It is in fact estimated that the loss from these cyber attacks will grow to the tune of US$6trillion worldwide by 2021.

Collaboration June and everything else June

1. So I have so far gotten two replies on #collaborationJune and I’m excited to see what we’ll come up with

2. The invitation to collaborate is still open.

3. Following the post I made yesterday about “African queens and the history of the African women’s place in society”, which I read, copied and pasted from someone else on Facebook, I’ve decided to read more on that and I’ll dedicate some days in June just for this particular topic. As a person who has been raised by a woman singly and who lives with many women in my life that have positively impacted me, I find it imperative that I write about it.

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African Queens and the history of the woman’s place in Africa

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Of late I am fascinated reading about great African women in our history. After being done with Cleopatra, this morning I came across Queen Nzinga of now present Angola. Amazing woman. She repulsed the Portuguese for years while leading her army on the Frontline.

I think she is up there with Queen Nyabinghi of Karagwe, Queen Asante Waa of Ghana and Bathsheba of Ethiopia.

Did you know the Kush Kingdom was also ruled by Nubian Queens. The most prominent was Queen Abar.

This now begs the question, who propagated the narrative that we Africans never valued women? History shows we even submitted to their rule and followed them as they led us to war. Almost all Kingdoms had a Matriach. Yet in Europe and Western world’s (apart from Great Britain) I am yet to hear of a Queen that led them.

Something is amiss. It doesn’t add up. No society that disrespects women can allow a woman to be at the helm of their survival in Politics. Even the great Shaka consulted Queen Mandi periodically. African history is full of great Queens.

A season of odd alliances(and why they work)

The writer who isn’t a football fan with his friend who is playing as a goalkeeper on that day.

By Wanambwa M. Rogers

#MayBlogging #Day28

The title suggests extraordinary circumstances from the very beginning, don’t you think? In life you’ll find that time and again, life will throw you out of your comfort zone and you’ll find that the people that will be there for you may be the strangest of all.

Let me expound a little. Let’s look at Acts 3:1:

“Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour.”
Acts 3:1 KJV

This chapter and particular verse seems innocent enough but there are many things to learn from it(well as is the whole Bible if you have noticed the articles I write here). In verse one, we see two of Jesus’ disciples, Peter(also called Simon) and John his long time counterpart from their fishing days, to being called upon by Jesus and later on, to working together while preaching the gospel.

From all this, it may appear as though these men were like minds. Contrary to that, they so much of opposites that this appears to have been their sticking glue.

Consider this passage from an article by Bible Hub:

‘The scene and the persons are first set before us. It was natural that a close alliance should be cemented between Peter and John, both because they were the principal members of the quartet which stood first among the Apostles, and because they were so unlike each other, and therefore completed each other. Peter’s practical force and eye for externals, and John’s more contemplative nature and eye for the unseen, needed one another. So we find them together in the judgment hall, at the sepulchre, and here.’~ Bible Hub

It is from this background and many more like it like Elijah and Elisha’s story, David and Jonathan(whom I have written about before on this blog), and even Jesus and His twelve, that I come to a realization that it when the oddest of alliances are formed that great things begin to happen.

As people, we may not struggle so much as to remain with like minds and kindred than to make networks with people from all walks of life.

It is when we transcend boundaries and petty differences that big things begin to happen.

It is no happenstance then, that the greatest selling book in the world, the Bible be written over a period of 1,600years by men and women from all walks of life but still remain in tune with its main theme, God.

Look at the greatest and biggest accomplishments of man and you’ll realize that all were reached upon because of odd alliances. Name one and you’ll be sure to find an odd alliance in there somewhere.

And so I urge you the reader to get out of your shell and connect with the world around you. Bring out the greatness in you. Make an odd alliance today.

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