Beware of Cyber attacks

By Wanambwa M. Rogers #MayBlogging #Day31 Since almost everyone in the world is staying home, many people are working from home too and this in most cases involves working online. Teleconferences, video conferences, and even monetary transactions can and are being carried out via the internet.This has attracted many cyber criminals to start looking forContinue reading “Beware of Cyber attacks”

Collaboration June and everything else June

1. So I have so far gotten two replies on #collaborationJune and I’m excited to see what we’ll come up with 2. The invitation to collaborate is still open. 3. Following the post I made yesterday about “African queens and the history of the African women’s place in society”, which I read, copied and pastedContinue reading “Collaboration June and everything else June”

African Queens and the history of the woman’s place in Africa

Copied text Of late I am fascinated reading about great African women in our history. After being done with Cleopatra, this morning I came across Queen Nzinga of now present Angola. Amazing woman. She repulsed the Portuguese for years while leading her army on the Frontline. I think she is up there with Queen NyabinghiContinue reading “African Queens and the history of the woman’s place in Africa”

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