Beware of Cyber attacks

Courtesy Photo

By Wanambwa M. Rogers

#MayBlogging #Day31

Since almost everyone in the world is staying home, many people are working from home too and this in most cases involves working online.

Teleconferences, video conferences, and even monetary transactions can and are being carried out via the internet.
This has attracted many cyber criminals to start looking for unsuspecting users as their targets.

According to a report by BBC-AFRICA, 513 corona virus emails are sent to email users daily containing a link that when clicked, takes the unsuspecting users to a page that collects their log in details amongst other information like their financials and social media accounts.

Basically, all the information attached to the email account. Since many people nowadays do attach their email to almost everything, the effect is humongous.

These attacks happen to everyone. From hospitals, universities, companies, small businesses, government institutions, individuals to even the police and the army.

Apparently 200,000 emails are being sent at a time and many people are falling victims. It is in fact estimated that the loss from these cyber attacks will grow to the tune of US$6trillion worldwide by 2021.

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