Ending to begin

By Rogers M. Wanambwa

I would like to thank y’all for sojourning with me on this incredible, heart opening, mind revealing journey that has been the #WinterABC2020.

I am humbled by the progress of quite many a writer I have seen, I am glad to have met many African writers in the process, and I am ecstatic for the future of writing on this continent.

As we come to the end of this journey, I pray that we keep up the spirit and not lay down our tools to wait for the next challenge. I believe with more opening up, we can achieve something with this thing that is writing.

After all, every religion is governed by writings, read the Holy Bible, Quran; every country too, read the constitution.

I am hoping that we do more collaborations together(I was blessed to do some and I am looking forward to more) with other writers that we’ve met here and see what magic we can come up with together.

I look forward to see some friendships bloom, after all, what is writing if it’s kept in isolation? I know many writers tend towards introvertedness, myself included, but perhaps through such spaces, we can find our kindred!

This journey again reminds me of the sermon by Bishop T. D Jakes I watched in 2014 called, “Miracles along the way.”

Perhaps I always see things differently but I have never come to the end of something and not felt so euphoric about the journey. It is within the journey that things happen, that the magic lies. It is within the journey that miracles happen.

I salute all of you for the resilience you’ve shown in writing your hearts out. Thank you. And I pray you continue to do so.

If I haven’t visited your site, holla and I’ll do!


1. I’m open to collaborations, just holla at your boy.
2. I am open to editorial and writing work, just holla at your boy.
3. I am an Accountant and open to that work too, just holla at your boy.

For those of you that follow my blog, we meet in July…I had promised to write about African queens and the place of the woman in African society, I’ll start from there.

Cheers to ending to begin.

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