Accomplishments in 2020(so far)

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBloc #DayTwelve #AugustRush

We still have four full months so I’ll start off by saying, there’s still room for more achievements!
That said, here’s some of the things I’ve been able to achieve:

First of all, I’m an avid reader and writer so many of my achievements this year have revolved around that since we did not move a lot through the year. As a matter of fact, the country is thinking of another lockdown seeing as we have been five times the number of COVID-19 cases recorded daily than during the first four months.

At the beginning of the year, I completed my 100 days – 100 blogs challenge which so me become an established writer in many ways.

As the year continued, I managed to secure a Masters Scholarship at Kampala International University in April, again because of my writing. This has however been put on hold until school resumes in the country, which is very likely to be next year.

I also joined the writing team of the university website where by I have written over 200 articles on the site in the last four months.

Again during this year, I got a job at a Public Relations and Communications firm called NileValley Communications where I am in charge of two clients’ accounts and I’ve been doing that too.

Basically, I am a Social Media manager, Writer, Communications and Public Relations person, and I also dub into Branding.

I was supposed to graduate this month from my second course but unfortunately, due to the above Corona guy, I did not. Apparently, I may or may not graduate in November, so prayers only.

I also made a quarter century on Earth this year!!! Yes, I’m 25 and all those blood pumping questions do across my mind.

Those who made these or are past them know what I’m talking about, haha.

Anyway, I’ve successfully participated in two writing challenges, one from AfroBloggers and another from the UgBloc(this one actually) and through them I got great friends, collaborated with some on articles, became a better writer which helps a lot in my work, and also, I love writing so I have enjoyed the experience.

Now, I’ll tell you one thing, you have to be very open minded, quick to learn and willing to put in tremendous amounts of time to do all these things. For example, I write up to five or six articles a day, check on how our client’s accounts are, read books and articles for research and also monitor other companies for inspiration and ideas.

Another thing is that, you should be willing to sacrifice. Most young people will not do work for free(read volunteer) which is basically where most work starts from. Something to think about.

So yeah, within this period of being home, I’ve somehow managed to do and get all that. Or only that, whichever way you see it.

Praise Jehovah.

Beginners Guide: How to Read 52 Books in a Year

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBloc #DayTen #AugustRush

For many people, reading books always appears on their resolution list every year. “I’ll start reading books like you this year,” my friend Andrew told me at the beginning of 2020. Last month I asked him how many books he had read so far and he honestly told me, “Bro, none!”

Andrew isn’t alone. Many fail to fulfill their desire of acquiring knowledge through reading because of many reasons. Time consuming work, some are parents, some cannot afford to access books, some are illiterate but unfortunately, some are just lazy to.

With all this in mind, there have many improvements in the sources of books. For example, where as back then, you had to get access to hard cover books from physical libraries or buy one from a store, nowadays there are ebooks(electronic books) in soft copy that you can read on practically any gadget.

Also, there are many free public sources of books that if you have a gadget like a phone, PC or e-reader, you are certain to access books.

However, with all this in place, billions of people still do not read regularly which is why I am writing this simple how to.

Let’s begin:

This is geared towards those that want to read a book a week, which translates to 52 books in a year.

As per everything else, you have a make up your mind that you will see this activity through everyday. You can do that by joining a group where by everyone keeps the other on their toes concerning their reading progress.

Another way would be to set a reminder for the time you want to be reading. I suggest this to be after supper for the next two hours or early in the morning for two hours. Two hours is a great concentration span where by you can retain what you have read.

It is important to note down things you believe are crucial from each of your reading spans. That will help you revisit the topics later, discuss them with others and look for similar concepts or topics, including books.

For a beginner, all this sounds great but starting a routine may be difficult. Don’t worry, start with 10 pages for your night read and 10 for the morning. That’s 20 pages everyday and 140 pages every week.

In order to accomplish your one book a week task, you’ll need to read the first three topics, three in the middle and the last three. Essentially, you’ll have gotten the gist from the whole book.

Do not stop your routine for anything because if you stop, getting back on track may take you ages.

Personally, I can read more than 100 pages in one sitting in the time above but that is because I’ve been reading for years. As everything else, reading also requires practice and cheering on.

Write about your reads, follow those groups that talk about books and discuss books within your circles. Cite them and you’ll find that it is no longer a chore but a hobby.


Start Up: African Royals Inc.

“Here to cater to all your needs”

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBlocMonth #DayNine #AugustRush

Idea: A one stop center for all your needs.

Caters to all types of deliveries: Food, Drinks, Transportation services, Courier services, Hair dressing, Clothes and shoes, furniture, electric appliances and much more.

The reason for starting such a business is that many people are always business working and need a trustworthy and dependable delivery system. One that is 100% guaranteed to deliver and is 100% liable if their things do not reach. One that they can trust with their children’s safety while they are at work. One where by if one is in a hurry and needs transportation, they’re there. One where by you’ve one app and you can do most things.

That’s where we come in.

Execution: The idea is to work with a group of people in the villages to deliver food to the city(where I live) and take drinks, clothes and shoes, appliances and so on back. The Transportation and Courier services are for those around the place.

Basically, an app to do all this is developed from existing tech. There are quite a number of apps that do some of these things here, the idea is to put all of them in one place.

For those in the villages, SMS and calls are the main mode of communication. You should know that most people there work on trust based type of business where by you can even take things and then pay later.

That’s the short term goal.

Long term goal would be to have our own farms to supply these things.

This is just a simplified version of the plan(we can’t give away all company secrets now, can we?)

For more business ideas, check out my Business Series in the categories below.


By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBlocMonth #DayEight #AugustRush

Everyone reaches a time and wonders, how would it be if everyone on Earth just takes a break. You know, to just stay home and do almost nothing.

To probably work from home.

How would it be if everyone on Earth was doing it at the same time?

Can there be a year when everything shuts down? The transport system, the sports, the work, the churches and all prayer places, the bars, everything.

And everyone stays home. Even the kids who are always complaining about unending school.

What would happen then?

If we woke up and all of a sudden, the whole world is at a standstill!

When everyone is at an equal footing.

When everyone is given a timeout!

What would happen if we all stopped and the world is put on restart.

Would things change?

Would we change?

What would happen after?

Want to find out?

You are in the right place.

Welcome to 2020.

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