Wanam World

She’s Not You


By Rogers Wanambwa & Bolaji Gelax

Her: She was your first love

Him: And you are my last love!

Her: And the fact that you were with her for many years haunts me, no matter how hard I try!

Him: Well, to be honest, they were not enough because here I am with you.

Her: I can’t help but wonder if I make you as happy as she did?

Him: You make me more than happy, the ring on your finger is testament to how much.

Her: The way you hold my hand when we go on a stroll, was that the way you held hers?

Him: Maybe we never used to go on such strolls and it’s our thing! Ever think of that?

Her: Is her hand softer than mine?

Him: You are a hardworking woman, let’s not compare such trivial things!

Her: Is her hug warmer than mine?

Him: You are my rest.

Her: Is her smile brighter than mine?

Him: I look forward to seeing your radiant smile everyday.

Her: Is her laughter more melodious than mine?

Him: Your laughter brings harmony to our home.

Her: Do your friends think I’m special too?

Him: When I told them I’m going to marry you, they said that’s the best decision of my life.

Her: Will your parents like me as much as they liked her?

Him: Here’s the thing, being civil is not the same thing as loving someone! Mom helped me pick your ring.

Her: Will your siblings connect with me enough to want to be friends with me as well?

Him: My sisters keep asking for you to join them, it’s you that has been shy to!

Her: I like when you call me ‘baby’ but I hate that you called her that too.

Him: From today, you’re my Queen. Problem solved😊

Her: Just the other day, I saw a picture of you with her while going through your old facebook pictures.

You never told me she was that beautiful!!

Him: My Queen, your beauty a marvel to look at. When I walk with you, I always want to shout she’s mine in the streets. Do you even know how envious other girls are because of you? Even my best friends threaten to steal you if I don’t handle you very well everyday. You really don’t need to doubt yourself.

Her: Her dentition is so perfect I’ve not been able to laugh fully with you since then!

My gosh, the shape of her!

Him: Hahaha, but sweetheart, what were you doing going through all those pictures? Aren’t they from ages ago? Maybe I should remove them!

But seriously honey, you are perfect, more than perfect for me.

Her: How could you leave a girl with a body that would make Kim Kardashian go green with envy for a bony fish like me?

Now, I feel too skinny, too flat and too hipless.

I’ve never felt less beautiful.

Him: You are curvaceous enough. Do you even realize how your body makes me feel? I go crazy whenever I think about it!

Her: You are my first love

Him: And I love you only!

Her: And I love you with all my heart, I really do, but how do I compete with the woman you loved and made memories with for seven years?

Him: I am looking forward to make memories with you for the rest of my life. Does that count?

Her: I started that cooking class when I found out she’s a chef and I can’t even boil water without burning it!

Him: I was wondering why you all of a sudden decided to join it out of the blue! 😊

Her: I don’t get it, how can you claim to love me after being with such a perfect human?

Him: If she was really perfect, we wouldn’t have split. You know why we did but you still insist on being this insecure?

Her: I can’t help but wonder if you still think about her when you’re with me?

Him: Here’s the thing, she is just a friend and you know that. What you are saying has never even crossed my mind. I’m way too smitten by you to think about another while I’m with you!

Her: Do you still love her?

Him: What? Seriously? No, of course not!

Her: Do you miss her?

Him: Sweetheart, if you knew what you are to me, you would know that your company makes me forget any other person!

Her: Do you love me as much as you loved her?

Him: That would be an insult to our love! I love you more than I ever loved her. Again, my proposal to marry you should be testament enough!

Her: I’m afraid that when it comes to you, I’d always compare myself to her.

Him: Honey, you can decide to dwell on the past, or look forward to writing our future. The choice is yours but I have never showed you anything else.

Most importantly, she’s not you. And will never be.

Gelax is an amazing writer from Nigeria who can be found here.