IQ vs EQ vs AQ (Series)

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(Part Two)

By Ivan Rackara (Lord Rhaikara)

A few days ago Rogers from Wanam World invited me to be a part of a conversation that pits IQ, EQ, and AQ against each other and I gladly accepted relishing the opportunity to be part of such an important debate so here we are.

For starters, IQ is short for Intelligence Quotient (IQ) which is a measurement of a person’s reasoning ability. EQ on the other hand refers to Emotional Quotient and can be understood as a person’s ability to recognize and understand emotions and use that information to guide their thinking and behavior.

While IQ and EQ are relatively familiar terms AQ known as Adaptability Quotient is a relatively new less familiar concept.

One I’d never come across before I took up the challenge to contribute to this conversation.

But it’s a scientific measurement of adaptability in individuals and teams used to measure performance and assess individual potential.

Now while this conversation sets all 3 models against each other, mine today is to offer bits of information that will help you make the right decision as to what matters the most.

Whether it is IQ, EQ, or even AQ, I hope that we’ll both have our answers by the end of this series.

One of the biggest questions out there is about whether being intelligent (having a high IQ) equates to success in life.

It’s a question that psychologists have raced against time to answer with a couple of studies suggesting that it takes more than intelligence to succeed in life and going on to suggest among other key traits like Grit.

My view has always been that Intelligence was never enough and that while intelligence was important, it was more of an individualistic trait and to succeed it took how you managed your relationships and harmonized intelligence, your environment and other traits like determination.

As if in disagreement with the assumption that high intelligence solely breeds success, I’ve encountered my fair share of intelligent people who just didn’t know how to not screw up.

This point creates an opportune moment for me to talk about Emotional Quotient which is also sometimes referred to as Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Now like I might have alluded to earlier on, EQ allows you to understand yourself and others in any setting. It’s such an understanding that determines how you think and behave.

With EQ, one builds and nurtures relationships with people who are always crucial to the success of any person.

It gives you the ability to dissect situations and understand them whether they are arguments or squabbles, having the emotional intelligence to understand the cause of the fracas, see your role in causing it and then weigh in on your options and diffuse the situation.

It’s a quality that is important for problem-solving and ultimately leadership.

At the start of this year, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic which by all standards changed the world, underscored the importance of automation and pushed companies and organizations to reinvent and change the way they do business.

For me, this event was the biggest stage to highlight the importance of Adaptability Quotient. In a fast-paced world with all the changing technologies and business models, Adaptability Quotient stands out.

It’s not enough to be intelligent or to have an understanding of your emotions and thereafter those of other people.

You need the flexibility to stay ahead.

It’s no wonder that a 2014 report by Right Management in UK reports that 91% of HR Managers felt that “People will be recruited on their ability to deal with change and uncertainty as opposed to other skills”.

In conclusion, if you asked me what was more important of brothers I.Q, E.Q and sister A.Q, I probably wouldn’t know the answer.

But, I’d for once pretend that I’ve got a thing for Maths and throw in a pie chart and few percentages.

I.Q would have 40% and E.Q and A.Q would rank close by on 30%. But well, that’s me. I would like to hear your thoughts.
What really matters? How would you draw your pie chart?

Pie Chart depicting necessary percentage of each of the quotients

The incredible Lord Rhaikara has a glorious land where he lords over all characters found there. Visit him sometime here.

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