IQ vs EQ vs AQ (Series)

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Part Three (AQ)

By Benjamin Musanjafu

If you have been following this blog series, by now you must be familiar with IQ, EQ, and AQ.

Since am a blogger I will be as plain as possible because that is the original intent of blogging.

However serious a theme maybe be, because of a blogger’s EQ the readers should find the work more soothing compared to let’s say an academic paper.

However much this blog series is about 3 Qs, there are more and I think this statement takes us to the CQ. If you read a blog and your Curiosity Quotient is normal then you either didn’t put your soul into the reading, or you are a blunt reader.

I will start by backtracking to the initial sequels of the IQ, EQ, and AQ series by defining the Qs. But you will let me add a fourth in my descriptions. For now, Psychologists say there are four types of intelligence.

By intelligence, I don’t mean FSB, Mi6, CIA, and ISO given the militarization of the world today.

And I saw for now because things change, the last time I checked there were fewer planets in our color system than they were 15 years ago.

Because of CQ, you may need to check out my murmurings. I think it’s proper for now to roll with the full phrases instead of the short forms. Am certain there those of you going to binge reading starting from here going to the initial blog posts.

Intelligence Quotient, the one we call IQ. We normally joke about having kids with high or good IQ, so we try to make IQ a prerequisite for a dating mate. Anywho, our first Q is about comprehension.

Basically, how we take in information and make sense out of it. It’s about the ability to solve mathematics, memorize things, like how many turns we make to our lover’s place in the days of courtship, the ability to recall subject matters.

Like how gravity affects time and space and at what point the two interchange roles. When does time stop moving and space starts? For example Time dilation and concepts of demand and supply. These are examples and could be blog posts on another day.

Emotional Quotient is the next Q. It’s more important than the first Q because I bet you remember what I was trying to bring out, sorry am trying to be funny on this Q ride. EQ is about our ability to maintain peace with others, keep time, being responsible and accountable, being honest, respecting boundaries.

For example, today we have cultural differences, being humble and genuine but also being considerable, and by considerable, I mean not being self-centered.

EQ doesn’t work well with self-love if by any chance you remember the Summon on the Mount by Jesus. EQ is too deep that I may end up going deep into the Bible and the Quran.

Another ask is before I go to AQ the main subject of this blog let me talk briefly about a third Q.

Social Quotient; this is the measure of our ability to build a network of friends and maintain It over a long period of time.
Success in our lives is mainly but not fully based on our EQ and SQ.

Because this is a blog I will give an example about myself.

I work with about 7 builders and they have high IQ when It comes to construction but because of my EQ and SQ, am able to be their manager and they respect me. The bosses are not necessarily the ones who used to be number one in class.

My whole life I have cherished those moments when the best in academics through my 13 years in school are under me. They know how to do and they are good at it.

The last Q is the most important in the life of humans through eternity. The A in this Q has many forms. Adversity Quotient other scholars call it Adaptability Quotient. This is about the ability to go through a rough patch in life and come out without losing your mind.

It’s this Q that determines if your spouse will run away when you have financial problems. They are not gold diggers or whatever you may call them. Their mind is weak and their AQ levels are really low. It’s because of AQ that people abandon their own families when they are troubled.

It’s because of AQ that people live in denial forever after going through a divorce. We all know a divorce affects many parties starting with the main principals, the children, family, and friends.

How the parties move on and get along with the changes is about AQ levels?

Children may start bed wetting, a sign that they are not adapting well to living in-between homes.

For children, AQ is also in play when they change schools or move to boarding school.

Some people who are used to being single and have low AQ levels will fail to adjust to life in a marriage after the wedding. AQ is that vital.

AQ and Careerism

Today we live to be careerists, and that’s why we are all academics one way or another.

Looking for that Master’s and chasing funds for that PhD, that is important how our work is.

In this casee, AQ is the ability to adopt to change and embrace it in order to continue growing and advance out careers. AQ is basically about endurance and resilience as time moves on.

How we deal with drastic changes, like change in management of an organization?

Sudden cost-cutting measures and being asked to take on more work or leave the job is determined by AQ.

Are you able to perceive things with a level of control as you face really bad and trying situations?

If yes, then your AQ is high up there. If you keep on jumping from job to job then any Human Resources Management will have questions on your AQ.

Taking ARVs for people living with HIV/Aids for 20 years is having serious levels of AQ. How you put on your mask during this pandemic which we are calling the new normal is much about AQ than the other Qs.

Our generation as individuals and collectively finds itself in a faced paced world. We are faced with the possibility of having to survive and coping with serious events like this type of Coronavirus that is upon us.

We have climate change to deal with. Managing and overcoming adversity from the family the start of society to being flexible and curious at a new job or even starting a business from a disastrous situation is the pivot of success today and all this hinges mostly on AQ.

Benjamin is one of the most proficient and outstanding bloggers on the African continent, especially, because of his zeal to help other bloggers to find their footing in the writing and blogging world. You can find more of his work here.

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