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Polite Rudeness

By Rogers Wanambwa Have you ever felt like someone’s compliments are sheer insults? Like they intended to insult you but decided to veil it as a sort of weird compliment? I am a Social Media Manager for a number of clients including some celebrities. I will tell you that it is not easy being inContinue reading “Polite Rudeness”

Just Another Year

By Rogers Wanambwa Last year to many was the worst in their lives. Jobs were lost, marriages broke, students lost a full of studies, and people lost their lives. In fact, entire livelihoods were lost due to the noval coronavirus that hit the world. Do you know what is ironic? Everything mentioned above is nothingContinue reading “Just Another Year”

Fail, Learn, Become Better

By Rogers Wanambwa For many of us, failure is something we never want to encounter. But is it all that bad? Let’s expound on that today and by the end of this article, I’m hoping we will have a better outlook on this thing that is failure. Let’s begin from over 15-years ago. A ten-year-oldContinue reading “Fail, Learn, Become Better”