Today’s Jobs (and the Uncertainty of the Same)

By Rogers Wanambwa

I occasionally come back to this topic due to its importance in everyone’s life. We are at a turning point in human history. Jobs are becoming extinct, new jobs are evolving into existence and our education system and society seem too slow to catch up with the changes.

Did you know that many of the jobs people are doing today were unheard of or simply didn’t exist as near in the past as a decade ago?

A Social Media Manager role didn’t exist in 2010. Yet right now it is becoming increasingly popular as companies, businesses, organizations, and even personality brands seek to have a more robust presence online.

The youth who are tech-savvy are highly coveted for these positions as they can seamlessly navigate the jungle that is social media. This does not imply that older people cannot or do not manage them. I, personally, know some people above 50 doing this job, and well.

Someone wakes up, gets on their phone, or laptop and all they do is keep their clients’ accounts active. Easy, right? Not really, you have to keep informed and make research on what you are putting out there. It is a small component of Public Relations if I dare say.

As someone that is involved in both, I can affirm that.

Yet, we cannot overlook the fact that since this job didn’t exist even ten years ago, a Social Media Manager cannot have studied to become that. Even still, it is believed that the jobs of the next decade are not in existence as per now.

So, this brings in the aspect of education. As the education system stands now, it does not really relate to the job trends available. It is no wonder rampant unemployment persists. What then should you do? I will not to the system today. Everyone else has already, including me.

Diversify your knowledge. Learning should never stop in life. There is a reason this saying exists. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to survive. After all, survival really is for the fittest.

Lamenting will not help in this case.

Do those online courses. Right now, many jobs will not ask for papers but for your expertise and ability to work. Can you do the work? Can you deliver in time?

The courses will help you acquire knowledge you didn’t get from your initial education. Plus, do didn’t jobs and acquire skills from there.

Never know when that skill or experience will come in handy.

So, don’t get comfortable because as soon as you do, someone faster, and more efficient will come in and offer whatever you are offering at a cheaper price. You have to stay on top of your game by being able to offer more.

Besides, this brings me to the next thing. More sources of income. One job is simply not enough anymore.

You cannot wait for the occasional gig or the monthly paycheck.

Otherwise, you will operate in the negative for the whole of your life.
Start that business. Monetize that hobby. That side hustle may become a lifesaver one day.

Now, you are not alone on Earth. Why are you invested in doing everything by yourself? If you look around, you will realize that none of the wealthiest people operate in a vacuum. Get business partners. Not just friends, business partners. And btw, these two are different.

We are going to need to be even faster at execution, efficient in delivery, and we will need to work together if we are to survive.


Where are you volunteering?


By Hilda Nsesonkpa and Rogers Wanambwa


There comes a point in a woman’s life when it seems that all hope is lost. When I say a woman, I mean an unmarried African woman in her thirties. There comes that time when you feel lost in this big world. There comes that time when you feel like time is passing you by.

That usually happens when you are reminded by people that your “biological clock is ticking”.

But I ask myself this question: who owns time? Just like my surname Nsesonkpa, which is also a question and it means who owns life? The answer to both questions is God, the creator of heaven and earth.

He owns life, time – minutes, seconds, and hours. If that is the answer, then the reality is this: your spinsterhood time belongs to God.

Take joy in the word in Jeremiah 29: 11 which says, For I know the plans I have for you, ” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Credit: Fame of God studios

Can there ever be joy in being single? Oh yes! Absolutely yes! My dear unmarried African woman, this same time that you think is passing you by can be used for your advantage. You have the time to study if you so wish as you are unmarried.

You have the luxury of time to travel if you have the means. You have enough time to read if you love to read.

Use your time in being single wisely for as surely as the Lord lives you will also get married and you might not have that luxury of time at your disposal to do the things you love. So, go on and write that book, start that business, go for that training.

Girl! Pursue your dreams. Do not allow any pressure to dictate the course of your life. A big cheer to all unmarried African women.🙋


Credit: Oluwakemi Solaja

The closer one approaches their thirties, the more pressure, both internally and externally, they have to deal with. Internally, whereby you have to prove that all the investment that your parents or guardians have put into you was worth it.

We are talking millions of shillings (Ugandan currency), time, and effort. This all goes on in your mind and heart and if you are not strong-hearted, you may become depressed. It has never been more difficult to succeed than ever before.

Yet, surprisingly, it has never been easier to succeed. Success stories around you never cease. Couple this with the evolution of social media which constantly reminds you that everyone is ‘doing well’ and the pressure keeps mounting.

But are they really? Is what you see the reality of what’s happening in their lives or it’s all an elaborate illusion. If you don’t mind your race, you will be unsettled for the rest of your life.

It is therefore better to run your race. Have your own vision and goals and stick to accomplishing them in the time you set for yourself.

As men, the pressure to prove ourselves is ever mounting. To yourself, peers, potential female suitors, family, and society as a whole.

This perhaps is even more ridiculous because the more you achieve, the more that’s expected of you.

I guess the same is expected of women? I won’t speak for them though as my co-author already gave her opinion.

What I believe is best is to engage with those older than you and having intimate discussions on how they navigated the season you are in. it feels to me as though a great valley has developed between adults and their younger counterparts.

The more you talk to older people, the more you realize you are not really out of time as you think. This helps you relax and do you. You get to focus on what’s really important, chasing your dreams.

Besides, even an older person can listen to a younger person and take their advice. One saying in Luganda, a prominent language in Uganda, “Nómuto akuba engoma, omukulu nazina” explains it well. Loosely translated, it means that advice can be given two-way, by a younger person and an older person too.

Anyway, we are all different and so are our destinies. Embrace yours.

Hilda who wrote the first part is helping to shape the future of the African continent through teaching the young generation. She also does write and work can be found here.

What we Don’t Talk About

By Rogers Wanambwa

Communication remains one of the most important aspects of all relationships. Be it romantic, platonic, or even work-related relationships, proper and regular communication is needed.

But what is communication? I mean, is it just talking and listening? Is it passing on information and that’s about it? Well, communication is defined as the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or use of other mediums.

It is also the means of sending and receiving information via platforms like this one you are reading this article from. Communication, therefore, is typically through these four modes: verbal, nonverbal, written, and visual modes.

From the definition of communication, we see that there is a flow of information between the receiver and communicator and that this is two-way. With this observation then, it is safe to say that if only one party is sending information, the information circle is not complete.

What does this mean? Well, feedback is part of the communication cycle.
If I tell you that you are beautiful (or handsome), and you don’t reply, that’s not communication. Even though some may say that the silence, in and of itself, is communication, I could misconstrue your silence for you not being flattered by my statement.

On the contrary, you may be the shy type and your silence doesn’t mean you didn’t like my compliment. Our issue or problem and the gist of this article now starts to develop from here.

In any relationship, the things/issues that are not talked about compound and bring the relationship to its knees in due time consequently bringing it to its end.

If, for example, I have a problem with the way my boss treats me, and I never utter this issue, I will get fed up one day and simply walk away. On the contrary, if I bring it up, they may change their conduct and I stay even longer.

The same applies to romantic relationships. If the parties in the relationship cannot communicate well, it is doomed to fail from the point this issue arises. You cannot simply ignore the problem till it goes away. It never does in that fashion.

When one talks, another needs to listen and understand what the other means. Then they need to give constructive feedback so that the other party knows where they stand.

Perhaps if we did this more often, lesser problems would persist to the point of violence!

What we don’t talk about in essence leads to the downfall of everything we painstakingly work for and build.

Work on your communication skills.

The Music We Listen To

Background: NF’s Clouds Album Cover

By Rogers Wanambwa

Music is one of those that if it were absent, the world would have ceased to exist millennia ago. Honestly, its properties are the stuff of legend.

From heaven, to here on earth to hell itself, music is paramount.

To this end, everyone has their favourite artist(s). Even you reading this and myself inclusive. I guess that says a lot, right?

For God, it was Lucifer, who would later be called Satan. For me, it’s NF.

Courtesy Photo: NF

Because (and yes, I know starting a sentence with this isn’t it but this is my space) everyone has what they like, it is always intriguing hearing what someone or a group of people is into. Let me expound:

Different types of music are called genres. So whatever type of music you like, is categorized into a genre.

Now, imagine someone into country conversing with a trap fan about music. The drama that can ensue if both are hardcore fanatics!

Perhaps on my end, I’m more interested in why people end up liking the type of music they like. The psychological aspect that leads to one leaning towards a certain genre and being unbothered with the rest.

Even more curious are the ones who like or listen comfortably to everything. This is where I follow.

How can one not have a favourite genre(s)?

My favourite artist mentioned above may not even be my favourite artist, come to think of it. Dante Bowe could be.

What is intriguing is that these two do very different types of music. That’s where my interest is. How does that happen? Why does it become so? Does music define us? I mean, some research that has been done says yes…

So, today I’m more interested in hearing from you. Who’s your favourite artist(s)? Why? What’s your favourite genre(s)? Why?

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