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By Rogers Wanambwa When it comes to self actualization and legacy building, one must look beyond the appeal of making a quick buck. While having a conversation with a group of colleagues about the recently concluded Galaxy FM Zzina Awards, I argued this. You see, it is those who play a long game, put inContinue reading “Legacy”

What are you Good at? Is it Profitable?

By Rogers Wanambwa So I tweeted about this topic and wondered whether I could expound on it here: What are you good at? Sounds simple to answer, right? But is what you are good at profitable?☺ — Rogers M. Wanambwa (@wanamdynasty24) April 29, 2021 Somewhere on this blog, I have written on hobbies and howContinue reading “What are you Good at? Is it Profitable?”

The Cost of Having no Allegiance

By Rogers Wanambwa I find having no allegiance to anyone fulfilling. It means you have fought your way to wherever you are alone. That means that you don’t owe anyone anything! A good feeling indeed. Yet a concern arises from this. If you don’t owe anyone, doesn’t that mean it most likely no one owesContinue reading “The Cost of Having no Allegiance”

Crushed My Flame Out

Nonchalantly, she stomps on my heart,Parading her new catch,Just like the previous one,He won’t last.I know,Because she has a type.The one that wont stay. Does she do it intentionally?Wrenching both our hearts whenever she has to go through a break up!And I can’t even blame her,Because I am doing the same thing to myself,Expecting toContinue reading “Crushed My Flame Out”