What are you Good at? Is it Profitable?

By Rogers Wanambwa So I tweeted about this topic and wondered whether I could expound on it here: What are you good at? Sounds simple to answer, right? But is what you are good at profitable?☺ — Rogers M. Wanambwa (@wanamdynasty24) April 29, 2021 Somewhere on this blog, I have written on hobbies and howContinue reading “What are you Good at? Is it Profitable?”

The Cost of Having no Allegiance

By Rogers Wanambwa I find having no allegiance to anyone fulfilling. It means you have fought your way to wherever you are alone. That means that you don’t owe anyone anything! A good feeling indeed. Yet a concern arises from this. If you don’t owe anyone, doesn’t that mean it most likely no one owesContinue reading “The Cost of Having no Allegiance”

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