By Rogers Wanambwa

When it comes to self actualization and legacy building, one must look beyond the appeal of making a quick buck. While having a conversation with a group of colleagues about the recently concluded Galaxy FM Zzina Awards, I argued this.

You see, it is those who play a long game, put in the work, and not give up that build reputations and legacies. These things are simply not built in a year or two.

In the awards, the people that won many of the awards I argued where not the best but the ones who showed up and played. I am not going to name names here but you get my point.

It is about turning up, and giving no excuses. For example, during the COVID-19 lockdown, many artists decided to also take a well-deserved break. A good thing too, because they had been busy nights and days performing.

But, and here’s the gist, some decided to release music. They put in the work and released it. When it came to awarding those who had in put the work, guess who was awarded?

You see where I am going?

Let me bring in another issue here. The money issue.

Legacies transcend money and wealth. I can prove it. Jesus Christ walked this Earth without material wealth. Sir Isaac Newton, Tesla, and so on are all remembered to date yet they were not rich.

It is their contributions to the betterment of the world that is remembered. I mean, you don’t really study about the richest men and women, do you?

In our conversation with the aforementioned colleagues, who all happen to be law students, I emphasized to them the importance of studying the law to impact change.

That is the essence of knowing the law.

That nowadays many have derailed to wealth seeking in all fields is why we have ridiculous rates of corruption. Everyone is out to ‘become wealthy’.

Ironically, wealthy is statistically known to not go beyond the third generation in a family.

Very few people have managed to keep within their families longer than that.

I believe that when we look at building a cross generational legacy, we will be more fulfilled in life. But these are just my opinions. Leave yours in the comments section below.

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