Indulged. Sad poems.

I know you indulge me,
To you my whims are childish,
And so you give me a portion of your precious time,
Like one who makes faces with a stranger’s baby.

It doesn’t mean anything,
Forgotten as soon as the baby is out of sight,
But maybe, just maybe,
In your free time,
It brings a smile to your face,
When you think of my words.

Or my awkward shots,
The one’s that we both know,
Could never win you over.
Funny, that we both know that,
But none of us ever voices it.

Because I am your muse,
The one you keep around for your pastime.
I wish there was a chance,
For the two of us…

But we both know, wishes have never been horses.
So we tittle-tattle,
Around each other,
The dance of zones friends.

Does he even see you,
This side of you that you show,
The one you hide from everyone else?
I bet he is everyone else.
But here we are.
Me waiting for you to reply,
And you waiting for him to reply.

By Rogers Wanambwa

The Curious Case of Accomplishments

When do you say you have arrived?

By Rogers Wanambwa

Today I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration. My major was in Finance and Accounting.

Intriguingly, while my name was being read, I was seated in an exam for my first tests this year.

How can I be graduating while at the same time be in an exam? Let me explain.

You see, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many things went off-track.

I had to graduate last year in June, and as it was, I received a scholarship for a Masters Degree of my choice in April last year.

It became a dilemma as I never graduated and time was moving. I decided to start the process of getting admitted and fast-track things. With all my results intact, this proved challenging but not impossible.

I managed to start the Masters this year. Today, we started the first batch of tests. Meanwhile, I happened to be on the graduation list today.

So you can see how it happened. As everyone else was excited about getting into that gown and taking pictures, I was reading for and doing the tests. As I write this, I have two more tomorrow.

This got me thinking.

When do you accomplish enough? Is there a point where one can say “This is it. I have arrived.”

To me, it always feels like there is more that one can do. There’s more that you can achieve at any time.

The other day, for example, someone asked me why they were singing for a twenty-six-year-old that “He has finished his work” when he was that young.

I couldn’t answer!

Don’t you find it queer that the richest people are the ones that sleep the least? Many spend most of their time working.

It appears as if the more you accomplish, the more you feel like there is more that you can do.

I find this is true at workplaces too. Even in business. You simply have to accomplish more.

So, as I relish finally closing one chapter, and I break ground on the next, I am seated here amazed at life and the curious case of accomplishments.

The writer holds a Diploma in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance and Accounting), and is a student of a Masters Degree in Business Administration (Finance and Banking).

The Defining Moment

Defining Moments

By Rogers Wanambwa

In everyone’s life, there is a defining moment in their life. A point of no return.

I have been wondering of recent what mine is. Did I arrive at it and I never noticed it?

I mean, can that even happen?

Yet, the more I think about it, the more I feel many people miss it.

If we were all able to notice it, we would be in position to embrace and harness the change that comes with it. At least, I hope that would be the case.

I am not oblivious to the inherent resistance to change that people have. That doesn’t imply that it is not to be accepted at some point.

We almost always accept change in the end.

Which brings back to the defining moment in each of our lives. That moment we know that we won’t return to how things were in the past, no matter what.

To some, death brings. To others, it is simply coming of age. Yet, to others, it is never noticed.

We must acknowledge that a turning point, or defining moment is different for every person and in different scenarios.

I must say, I am still pondering about this. Perhaps, I will revisit this when I am fully aware of what mine is.

After all, our life’s journey never stops until the ultimate stop.

But how about you? Where do you fall? Have you noticed yours?


Story telling, dreams, poems.

I wake up and I am in the middle of a lake,

Which one? I don’t know really! Perhaps the one some distance away from home?

How did I even get here? I am not a water person! Yeah, I know.

How can that be when one of the largest freshwater bodies in the world is a walkable distance from home?

But how did I get here? Wait! Who’s that?

I beg your pardon! What’s that?

A ghost? I don’t fear ghosts! It’s not a ghost. It’s a man with the biggest axe I have ever seen in my life.

Is he out to kill me? He won’t I’m out here on the water and he’s on land.

Is he walking on water? Impossible! How is he doing that? I need to get out of here!


Appears I can’t move! It has to be this moment, right? I can’t feel my legs!

Where did the boat go? I am going to drown before the axe welding man reaches me!

But how did I get here?

Feel like I have been swimming for ages! Which direction am I heading to anyway?

Feels like I am going the wrong way! I am going to drown for sure!

And the man’s catching up! Of course, he can walk on water and I get to swim!

That’s it! I am done for!

It was just a bad dream! Nightmare? And there I am, profusely sweating in bed.

By Rogers Wanambwa

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