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Ms Eunice (final chapter)

Check out where the story begins from here. Naturally, when you are an accomplished person, whether man or woman, your family, friends, and colleagues all expect to see a significant other in your life. This has not been the case for me. I am closed off to anything that will lead to intimacy! Has thereContinue reading “Ms Eunice (final chapter)”

Ms Eunice (pt2)

The story starts from here. Perhaps, you may ask: How did I get out of there? Well, I got good grades in primary school and a wealthy neighbour promised to pay for my secondary and university. He did, and honestly, I am grateful for he is one of the few that have since shown meContinue reading “Ms Eunice (pt2)”

Ms Eunice

It’s 3 am when I wake up. I head straight for the phone, check what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In. Then my emails. I have like 20 new ones. It wasn’t the case just last year. I still can’t believe what transpired in just six months! The wind howls outside and forContinue reading “Ms Eunice”