Ms Eunice

It’s 3 am when I wake up. I head straight for the phone, check what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In. Then my emails.

I have like 20 new ones. It wasn’t the case just last year. I still can’t believe what transpired in just six months!

The wind howls outside and for the zillionth time, I wonder why there’s no man in this house! A roommate maybe? Ah!

But maybe let me start from the beginning.

My name is Eunice but most people call me Ms Eunice. I can’t remember when I was last called by anything else.

Here, I’m in my apartment in one of the affluent parts of the city and country. So different from where I grew up from. And the best part? I pay for this. Ms Independent y’all!

We always used to wake up early at home. All ten of us. And as the oldest, it was my duty to rally up my brothers and sisters to the garden.

At 5 am, we would be there already. We were not alone. Other children and parents including ours would all be out there.

I used to wonder, why weren’t we rich? We would work hard. Our parents even harder for they would stay there for the whole day as we went to school miles away from our homes.

From my childhood, I had my eyes set on bigger things. Thank God my parents believed in girls getting an education. Most of my peers never finished as they were either married off or they were denied an education past primary level.

“A girl’s destiny is marriage. Why waste resources on her education?” Most would say. Not my parents though.

All my siblings that wanted to study did.

Did I know what I wanted to be? Well, apart from out of there? No. I wanted to be in a better place, that’s all that mattered then.

But determination is key. I was decided to do all it takes to be something. My parents always said it was through education and that’s what I did.

Get educated.

I wish that’s all it took. But they didn’t know better. As I would find out later.

I will explain as you continue to read on this week.

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