Song Review (Series): Kampala mu Court by Paul Job Kafeero

Song Review: Kampala mu Court by Paul Job Kafeero

“what’s this, this cholera, nafuluma”

By Rogers Wanambwa

Music is one of the most powerful tools and can be used to deliver the greatest profound messages.

Kampala mu Court by the late Paul Job Kafeero is one of those songs that masterfully convey messages that leave you not only entertained but also pondering on the messages it tells.

Like most of his songs, it is a laid-back song that paints a vivid picture of the state of Kampala, which so happens to be Uganda’s capital city, and how all its different inhabitants and authorities keep making excuses for it.

From the street children who seem to just appear out of nowhere, the uncollected garbage, the unemployed who still have to eat, the sex workers, the unstable electricity, those who never go back to their home villages to develop them, those that cheat from lodges, loud night prayers, and so on.

If you think it’s an issue, the song is likely to have touched it.

The storytelling prowess of Kafeero is legendary, given how he knows when to put a breather in the rather long tales he used to tell through his songs.

You are enthralled by the story, wanting to know what next he is going to say till the end.

14 minutes and 35 seconds is the length of this particular song and he didn’t repeat any words till the late into the thirteenth minute.

Indeed, it is curious how much impact Kafeero’s, an Afro-folk musician, songs had considering that by the time of his death in 2007, he was just 36 years old.

Check out the lyrics video of this song here.

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