Song Review (Series): No Ordinary by Labrinth

Courtesy Photo: No Ordinary by Labrinth (Album Cover)

“Hey, I know this no ordinary love”

By Rogers Wanambwa

Did you know that Labrinth first started as a rapper? I mean before Earthquake which most people got to know him from.

I am grateful for his switching genres because honestly, who would have sung such a beautiful piece?

If you have never listened to it, link will be here.

No Ordinary (Love) is one of those songs that will permeate your body and reach your soul, engulf it and sink into you.

I know, quite vivid imagery but the song does bring some emotions that are normally untapped by yours truly.

Emphasizing the singer instead of the beats, you get to enjoy the melodious voice of Labrinth and his unbelievable vocal range when it comes to singing.

Of course, the hard pounding beats also have you dancing uncontrollably and laughing out loud. If you are into that.

I mean, if you are into that, why are you here?😂😂😂🤗

Besides, if you are into silky beautiful voices, you should be already a huge fan of Labrinth.

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