Song Review (Series): Let me Love you Like a Woman by Lana Del Rey

Song Review: Let me Love you Like a Woman by Lana Del Rey

“I come from a small town far away

By Rogers Wanambwa

Have you ever listened to a song and you are like this is what I want? Let me love you like a woman by Lana Del Rey is one of those that I guarantee every heterosexual man out there would agree with!

I mean, which man would not want to “be held like a baby?”

Slow, melodious, and captivating, the song embraces romance to a new level.

For anyone that knows Del Rey, you know how her voice is hauntingly good! It takes you to a different realm where things are just rosy and beautiful. Just for those minutes, you listen to this song and I swear you start believing in love again.

That is if you had lost the faith along the way!

I guess it is only befitting that this heavenly love song closes this series.

Intrigued? Check it out here.

Okay, I was not the instigator of this series. My friend, Counsel Mwene did. You can check him out here. We were joined by the delightful Tikia whom you can find here.

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7 thoughts on “Song Review (Series): Let me Love you Like a Woman by Lana Del Rey

    1. Two opinions can coexist…..and I was talking about the whole album in general. And according to her own words she does take a sometimes submissive role in her relationships while writing music. Its who she is and that’s okay. Beautiful song still!

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