The Price of Trying (To Become Better)

The Price of Trying

Lately, I have been wondering what the price of trying is and how much most people are willing to sacrifice to get to where they feel content.

From losing touch with loved ones, essentially leaving you lonely, to never being sure whether what you have bet on will work out in the end.

Say, for example, you decide to focus on studies and, after that, work. Your peers start working, and you are still at school. It appears like they are “leaving you” behind, they are starting families, and you are holding out.

Essentially, it should be that after this dedication, you should get a juicy job, great spouse, and some babies after that. But is this what happens?

Curiously, I discussed with a group of acquittances about whether it is worth pursuing more education opportunities in this day and age. Most of them agreed that although it may pan out, it appears to take too long to do so.

This brings me to the next musing. How long is long? Because education is indeed a longsome game. I mean, look at how long it takes to move from nursery school and earn a degree. It will take you even longer to start earning from it today.

Does that then mean that one should give up on that path? I, for one, have not. If you have been following this blog, you know that I haven’t.

Yet, I must admit that I have fallen victim to some of the above issues. Losing touch with loved ones and even acquittances at that. Perhaps, because of my introverted nature that keeps popping up now and then, I find myself getting out of touch with many close people for various, some as mundane as the other party not replying in time.

Such pettiness is queerly so human that it is funny, don’t you think?

In the end, we can only pray that all we strive so hard to get, the future we hope to get, is what we get. One can only expect.
But what do you think? How are you dealing with work, school, relationships, and all? How do you balance?

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