On Swine Fever in Northern Uganda

Courtesy Photo: Virus

Ugandans love their pork. I’m not even joking! Look it up.

Anyway, there has been an outbreak of swine fever in Northern Uganda, threatening our beloved delicacy!

Read more about it here.

The Peripherals (On)

Poem: The Peripherals (On)

On the peripherals,
That’s where he is.
Looking in always,
Never the one to be told secrets.

The acquaintance,
Not the best friend.
The favour giver,
Not the one receiving them.
The one that doesn’t come to mind when asked,
Who is your go to?

The one that is never in the group outings,
Because you guessed it, he doesn’t come to mind.
The one that doesn’t have anyone to call because, again,
He is on the peripherals of each circle of friends,
Never in the middle.

And to make matters worse,
He keeps everyone at a distance.
Pushing away whoever gets too close,
Lest they are the next in line to break his heart.

And his is a lonely life.
He doesn’t know anything else,
And to him, this is the norm.

The peripherals are his home. Never the inner circle.

By Rogers.

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