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Accomplishments in 2020(so far)

By Rogers Wanambwa #UgBloc #DayTwelve #AugustRush We still have four full months so I’ll start off by saying, there’s still room for more achievements! That said, here’s some of the things I’ve been able to achieve: First of all, I’m an avid reader and writer so many of my achievements this year have revolved aroundContinue reading “Accomplishments in 2020(so far)”

Beginners Guide: How to Read 52 Books in a Year

By Rogers Wanambwa #UgBloc #DayTen #AugustRush For many people, reading books always appears on their resolution list every year. “I’ll start reading books like you this year,” my friend Andrew told me at the beginning of 2020. Last month I asked him how many books he had read so far and he honestly told me,Continue reading “Beginners Guide: How to Read 52 Books in a Year”

Start Up: African Royals Inc.

“Here to cater to all your needs” By Rogers Wanambwa #UgBlocMonth #DayNine #AugustRush Idea: A one stop center for all your needs. Caters to all types of deliveries: Food, Drinks, Transportation services, Courier services, Hair dressing, Clothes and shoes, furniture, electric appliances and much more. The reason for starting such a business is that manyContinue reading “Start Up: African Royals Inc.”