15 Places to Visit While in Entebbe

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBlocMonth #DaySeven #AugustRush

Entebbe is the only town(we are soon being awarded city status according to the government plans) with an international airport in Uganda. It is a beautiful place with lovely welcoming people, a trait that is very common in Ugandans.

It is also not known for chaos! We boost of being civilized and the most respected place in Uganda.

Before we begin, I must assure you that none of these places will break your budget and all are family friendly. 🤗

Also, my pics refused to upload! Will have to work on that later!

Okay, let’s start:

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center

With hundreds of animals and bird species, this deserves place number one place. You can see the giraffes, zebras, rhinos, monkeys, snakes, birds, and other types of animals from here.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

These interesting “cousins” of ours can be found on this island specially designed to habitat them. You get the honour of spending sometime close to them and marvelling at how similar we are while they marvel at your weird urge to come see them.

They do appreciate your coming though!

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

For a serene quiet time spent walking in nature, this is the place to go. With hundreds of tree species, all labelled for you to know which is which, you can spend hours appreciating the greenery and magnificent tall trees competing for sun light plus the shrubs that intertwine through them.

Lake Victoria

The largest fresh water body in Africa and second largest in the whole world is found in here. Sitting proudly, it boosts of tens of types of fishes and other water animals, providing livelihood for hundreds of thousands of people.

There are quite a number of willing people to take you for a boat cruise on the waters if you are interested. Also, fishing too.

Uganda Reptile Village

Mhmm, these commonly mistook cold blooded creatures! You can find them all here. From snakes to comodo dragons. Need I say more?

Ssese Islands

Entebbe is basically a peninsula so we have islands surrounding us. If you interested in a weekend getaway or simply to visit the beautiful islands, you can always come through and visit them.

Quite a number of people have set up incredible accommodations for you to be comfortable while enjoying your time.

Mpanga Central Forest Reserve

Think zip lining, forest trekking and the like. This is your place to be.

Park Shoebill

Here you find the famous Shoebills in a serene environment where you can unwind, and chill out while gazing at these peculiar birds.

Seyna Art Gallery

We do have quite a number of talented souls and they exhibit their creations in such places. From art pieces, to peculiar metal works to beautiful cloth pieces.

Attractions Go Wild Snake Adventures

Again for those that love snake watching and no you are not allowed to live with any animal from any of these places, thank you!

Aero beach

How can I talk about Entebbe and not talk about the beaches? We boost of the only legit beaches in Uganda and everyone that wants to have the ultimate beach experience will have to come to Entebbe! Puffs chest. 😂

This particular one gives you the opportunity to play in an aero plane too!

Lido beach

Many outgoing fellas will flock this beach for entertainment since it hosts many musicians and artists.

Spenner beach

For some of the most delicious fish delicacies, you’ll need to visit these guys. Bonus is the beach experience just feet away.

Bafrika Creationz

Another place for talented people. If you fail to visit the first, visit this one or both for the ultimate thrill of the arts.

These are only some of the most interesting places in Entebbe. We also have malls, children’s parks, schools, the Entebbe International Airport, earlier mentioned, hospitals(if you feel the need to go visit the sick), the main Uganda Virus Research Institute in Uganda(where most of the COVID-19 testing and research is happening actually), the National printing press, a ferry for those that love traveling on the lake, and so on.

You are Welcome.

The First COVID-19 Case in Uganda

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBlogMonth #DaySix #AugustRush

To say we underestimated this virus understatement in itself!

“Uganda has confirmed its first case of coronavirus from a 36-year-old Ugandan who travelled from Dubai on Ethiopian airlines on Saturday,” the news read.

““The Ministry of Health is reassuring the general public that all steps have been taken to identify this case at the airport and isolate it in a timely manner”, Uganda’s Minister of Health, Ruth Jane Aceng said.” Another paragraph read.

As I write this, the world has registered over 23.9 million cases of COVID-19 and over 810,000 deaths, with Uganda’s total cases being 2,426 and 25 deaths.

But away from the disease, the country has never been the same since the pandemic was confirmed in the country.

From a total shutdown(read lockdown) of the country that led to a ripple effect of economic, social and political disruptions, not to mention religious, to an unprecedented gender based violence cases’ rise, to thousands of teenage girls getting pregnant because of the national school shutdown.

People were confined to their homes in a move that was intended on curbing the disease but also led to many realizing alot about themselves and their relations.

The nation saw so many promises from the government that were never to be fulfilled like free food, free masks, and other free things like TVs, radios and so on. Mind you, the budgets were estimated and the money approved and appropriated.
Businesses fell, people lost jobs, marriages were destroyed but on a weird note, people were killed in what was “an effort to make people follow Standard Operating Procedures to curb the pandemic.”

The government got billions of dollars(the last I calculated was an equivalent of UGX12trillion) to counter the effects of COVID-19. No accountability was given.

With all that, I am still here and can write about it.

On Mental Health And Health Tips for Busy People

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBlocMonth #DayFive #AugustRush

As usual, let’s start by defining some terms:

Mental Health according to Wikipedia is the level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness. It is the state of someone who is “functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment.”

It is also defined by Medical News Today as cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. It is all about how people think, feel, and behave.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

You see as humans, sometimes get lost in the maze of life and forget to care for our person. As you are doing whatever it is that you do everyday, you should never forget to take time for yourself.

You matter and your existence is for reason. That means you have to care for yourself because there’s a lot you got to accomplish. That should your view of life BTW!

When you know this, you realize that sometimes everything is overwhelming but that shouldn’t derail into a downward spiral of depression, suicidal thoughts or mental breakdown.

Always remember, you are valuable, there’s someone that sees you as important and there’s always someone to listen to you only if you reach out.

Why do we forget this?

Well, we become busy with life, we are disappointed by some people and life sometimes just happens.

But what can someone do to maintain a healthy mind?

Health Tips for Busy People

1. Have Breakfast.

It’s called the most important meal of the day for a reason, right? Interesting, that has no scientific backing but for your sanity, you need to start the day without being grumpy at people. Eat breakfast 😊

2. Do not skip Lunch.

The downside to skipping meals is that when you get to eat, you’ll overeat which is good for your overall health, since, well you’ll grow fat. Also, you ate prone to developing ulcers when you don’t eat in time.

It is therefore prudent that you eat in time and healthy food. Most indigenous African foods are great for you so you are good to go with those.

3. Hydration is Key.

Peculiarly, quite a significant number of people don’t like taking water! If you fall under this category, try making yourself fresh fruit juice(preferably not blended) everyday and take it with you. Also, that’s not me in the pic! 😂😂

Most of these other store/shop packed stuff contains chemicals so there’s that.

4. Take a Power Nap.

I know many people more are insomniac. The number seems to keep increasing but try to take a nap aka “power nap” during the day to rest your body.

Goes without saying that you need your beauty sleep during the night. I’ll talk about insomnia another time.

5. Cover Your Nutritional Gaps.

You’ll notice that most people are creatures of habit. This means we may end up eating the same meals everyday. That may lead to lack of some nutrients in your diet.

To counter this, try getting to know which nutrients are found in your regular diets and supplement the food with food or treats that has whatever is lacking in there.

6. Take time to walk everyday.

Honestly, I don’t like walking or running or whatever!! I’m not really into exercising but I do it as a task I’m supposed to do everyday.

I have a timetable for my exercising and when that time reaches, I go do it. Nothing like I enjoy it, it’s something that needs to be done and it gets done.

Those that tell you they enjoy exercising are in their league not the introverted writer one!! 😂😂😂

7. Get a support group

This can be family, friends, like minded people from different places and so on. The goal is to have people that understand you, your vision and that will cheer you on, support you either financially, verbally, or other subtle and not so subtle ways.

There you go, things to put into consideration as you go about your day or preparing for the night, whenever you are reading this.

My Five Fav

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBlogMonth #DayFour #AugustRush

1. @nfrealmusic

I love music. How much? I listen to all of it and enjoy it, that’s how much! I don’t know how you can say you love music and then present one genre or two! Like how?

If you love something, you love it entirely, and BTW, FYI….same goes for your love for people. I’m being informal here because this is supposed to be a fan post(and I am generally so serious 😊)

Okay, enter NF. On the last count, I have over 50 songs from this guys and his songs appear in the Most Played section. Need I say more?

2. Chocolate and cake

Anyone that knows me knows I love these two treats!!! Although I actually rarely eat them, I endulge every now and then.

Also, I’m not exactly a small person so the doctors advised I can’t be eating such on a daily 😒

3. Traveling

If you read the previous article, you know I am into big time traveling. Ironically, I rarely travel anywhere!!

That said, when I do, I travel a lot and so I have traveled allover Uganda. My plans include some vast travels which I recommend you check out my previous article for more.

4. Reading

I have lost count of how books I’ve read!!! That’s how much I read. Again, you can’t be picky and then say you love something(or one) so I’m not picky. I read everything.

I read for pleasure, when I’m bored, for work(research), for school(again research), for reviews(since I write them) and just for the sake.

I also read blogs, articles, journals, social media posts and so on. If I have time, I’ll read it.

5. Writing

I am always telling people that you cannot stop at reading!!! Write too. You have things to say, write them down!!! Hello?

By now I’m sure you have realized I’m an introvert and if you hadn’t, you are one too! 😂😂

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