My Bucket List

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBlogMonth #DayThree #AugustRush

So I have been thinking of which things on my list I should share with y’all and I had failed to come up with what to leave and what to share, hence the delay!!!

Also, today was a really busy day for me…

Now without further a do, let’s get into it:

Number one: Travel allover Africa

I have had this on my list for ages! In fact, I had decided to kick start my trip with an East African safari before COVID-19 split everyone’s plans.

Since I got done with my degree last year(which was my second consecutive course), I had seen it fit to check out our neighbours first(Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and Burundi) this year and then continue from there as the years roll by.

I’ll fulfill this as soon as it is safe to travel.

Number two: Meet ten world leaders

Okay, this is grand even for me but hey, we have to have faith and these people are also people like us, right?

To meet them, it means I also have to be someone that is worth giving their time so for now, I’ll work on that. Till then, it remains on my bucket list.

Number three: Go on a cruise

Here’s the thing, I have a ridiculous fear of water yet I grew up near beaches! Perhaps it is because of that one time I almost drowned in Lake Victoria when I was in primary school.

But I do love the notion of going on a cruise, just to defy that fear and I’ll do it.

Number four: Learn five new languages

I actually have already set up a learning program for the first language, which is French with a friend of mine in Rwanda.

I believe in taking action and so I always plan things and execute them. After all, why plan things you’ll never accomplish?

Number five: Swim with dolphins

There are no dolphins in Africa and unless someone brings them, this means I’ll have to travel to do this.

But hey, I do plan on extensive travel, right?

I just love watching these creatures and reading about them that I was like hey, why not go see them and swim with them? Again, to defyy fear of water, huh!

Number six: Be published

This is a dream for all writers, to one day be published and for your work to be read by millions. First though, you need to write a book and I haven’t written one to completion.

Until then, this too will remain on the bucket list.

I do have other things on my bucket list but I don’t intend on making you sleep here!!!! Yes, it’s that long.


By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBlogMonth #DayTwo #AugustRush

So today guys, today we are talking about our favourite blogger and I was torn between Benjamin of the Benjamin Watch and Uncle ~B(whose work can be found here) from the AfroBloggers. Mhmm, tough right?

Anyway, I chose to go with Benjamin for his exceptional work at promoting new writers. Plus, it’s a Ugandan competition, you know, patriotism and all(sorry Uncle B).

Btw, Uncle B can be found on twitter as @Beatonm5

I met Benjamin(online btw, Twitter to be specific) through another great friend of mine who goes by Lord Rhaikara here and I was impressed by the amount of time Benjamin puts in to promote other writers!!

Benjamin all looking Exec

He will make sure to like, retweet and tweet about people’s articles and blog posts, not to mention podcasts and truthfully, I have “discovered” not less than 10 writers because of Benjamin.

During the WinterABC2020 challenge we connected a lot and even did a series of articles together in a wonderful collaboration(be sure to check these out in the Collaborations category down below) and it is through talks with him that I went on a journey to collaborate with at least 100 African writers on articles, a feat I’m yet to accomplish.

Benjamin’s work is profound, deep and very well researched and introspective. He exudes a very mature writing style that I only find in few other writers especially on the motherland.

Pecuriarly, with all these amazing traits, he is a down to Earth guy who is ready to engage as many people as possible something seen whenever he takes over the AfroBloggers community page on twitter(@afrobloggers for those who aren’t already following it) where hundreds of African writers engage and share their work.

To follow him on social media, look out for @Benjamin_Watch on Twitter and you can follow his blog Benjamin Watch.

100days-100blogs Challenge(The Finale)

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBlogMonth #DayOne #AugustRush

Last year at the beginning of September, I happenstanced on a intriguing and I dare say terrifying challenge for writers. It was dubbed “100days-100blogs challenge” and I couldn’t believe someone could write everyday for all those days nonstop.

You see, I had just opened my blog(in fact today marks the 1st anniversary of this blog) and I had written around two articles for it. The rest were articles I had written in a space of one year(all 8 of them😊😂😂).

So you can see where I was coming from.

But something in me desired to join in on the challenge and I did. So the next 100 days, from September 9th 2019, I started writing everyday nonstop, posting on the blog.

I must tell you it wasn’t eating cake! I was a finalist and in my last semester at the university, so I had tests, presentations and courseworks and on top of that, I was working with the university newspaper, called KIU Giraffe Times, as an assistant editor and writer too.

I had to edit around 40 articles from various individuals, write my own that would feature and also, write for my blog. Plus of course, attend to school.

Now truth be told, at first it was tough, I wasn’t consistent for the first two weeks. But starting October, I was and I didn’t stop until January 2020.

Yes, I wrote through the Independence Day, which is 9th October, my final exam period in late November and early December, and the Christmas Season too plus the New Years Day. Commitment is ideal.

On 2nd January 2020, I finished my first and todate biggest challenge my writing journey having written 100 blogs in 100 days. It is a day I cannot forget because because the moment I finished that last article, I realized something, that I can actually do whatever I set my mind on.

Suffice to say, today my budding career in the journalism and Public Relations world is mainly thanks to this challenge that I set for myself!

Dream big, never stop learning, start on those dreams.

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