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The Grand Daughter Project by Shaheen Chishti – Book Review

By Rogers Wanambwa Written by British-Indian author Shaheen Chishti, The Grand Daughter Project follows the unintentionally woven together lives of three women, Kamla, Lynette, and Helga, from three different continents who experience so much trauma at hands of the men in whose care the women are entrusted. Through letters written to their granddaughters, they tellContinue reading “The Grand Daughter Project by Shaheen Chishti – Book Review”

Vusi: Business & Life Lessons From a Black Dragon

By Rogers Wanambwa If you are familiar with Vusi Thembekwayo, then this book will feel like a continuation of his motivation videos. However, it takes you further down his memory lane and gives you a front seat in his life. Vusi is sincere in explaining why and how he has gotten where he is, fromContinue reading “Vusi: Business & Life Lessons From a Black Dragon”

Park Light Collection, Curated by Ibua Publishing

Review by Rogers Wanambwa The book is an anthology of different stories from around Africa. Weaved with a meticulous attention to detail, it shines a bright touch on the different lives led by the story tellers, bringing to life their individual and unique stories. From the Zimbabwean collapse into a financial ruin, to the xenophobiaContinue reading “Park Light Collection, Curated by Ibua Publishing”