Tried, Before we Begin

Tired, Before we Begin

By Rogers Wanambwa

Have you noticed how many people nowadays profess to be tired of things before they have given it (or them) their all?

From love and relationships, to studies, work and jobs, friendships, and well, life.

I mean, how can a 20 year old be tired of men? How many have you heard to be that tired?

To me, it belittles the case for those who, for example, have had bad experiences like rape and defilement.

What will they say when all of are tired of men?

When it comes to men! Are you sure the lady is high maintenance, or you simply can’t afford her?

Historically, men have been providers and protectors. Emphasis on MEN. This title comes with responsibility, something many ‘men’ tend to shy away from nowadays.

It simply won’t do. That is if we expect sanity and progress. Men must take their positions and roles.

Women too. Crying foul alone won’t achieve much.

We cannot claim to be tired before we begin! This leads to nowhere in life. The most successful people are those that give what they are pursuing more than average.

Do they lose? Some times. Many times, in fact. But they always rise up and do again.

One or breakups do not warrant swearing off love and relationships. Neither does a failed business or two mean you are not cut out for entrepreneurship.

If one avenue fails, why not try another? If one relationship fails, why not give yourself time to heal and then try again?

Yet again, why rush into it?

Businesses, for example, require time, resources, and function (or should I say skills). You need a regular supply of all for it to be maintained and even more for it to grow.

Much, much more.

It is why companies are listed for the public to buy into them (read shareholding) and in turn, for the company to gain capital to expand and do its work.

But you see, all these are long-term things. We are talking decades. Sometimes, they will happen after you are gone, in the case of companies, that is.

Friendships too, require your commitment. They are not for merrymaking and ‘vibes’ but counseling, stewardship, companionship, knowledge sharing, advice, and sometimes, a shoulder to cry on.

“Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are.”

When it comes to jobs, the more skilled and specialized you are, the more you’ll get paid. These are simple basics of life.

Before you ask for more salary, how much are you offering?

When you start thinking about things and life rationally, you’ll marvel at how unrealistic we tend to view life. I guess much insight comes to many later in life.

Besides, don’t be tired before the race. We always strive not to be tired, before we begin.

Self-Taught Skills: The way to go?

Self-Taught Skills

By Rogers Wanambwa

I talked about how I have been working from home since the beginning of last year (even before the #COVID19 lockdowns) sometime back.

What perhaps I didn’t talk about is how I have had to teach myself almost 90% of all the skills/things I am using now.

(Of course, there has been help here and there from my mentor and other people and they deserve credit even before I go further).

From online meeting tools like Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, and so on. Each of our clients at NileValley Communications uses one or more of these, for example. I had to learn all remotely.

Setting up scheduled meetings, learning how to record these meetings if needed, all had to be self-taught.

Speaking of minutes; minute taking and transcriptions another thing(s) I had to teach myself. You have to relay what happened to others for the record on both ends.

Then, a lot of my work involves copywriting, editing, and normal writing. I have been doing this for most of my life and it is how I got my job and Masters’ scholarship at Kampala International University in the first place.

That started as a hobby, btw!

Graphic Design is something I have taken up since late last year and well, even though I am on the Expert level, I have dramatically improved since then. Some of my designs can be seen on my blog and other places like on PINIM Digital Media, Pain Support Organisation, and so on.

Social Media Marketing and Management. It is curious how I got into this. We needed social media marketers and I got into their sphere…let’s say that is an interesting field to be in.

For the management, I do manage more than 10 institution accounts, several personalities accounts, and business accounts. I will not disclose which ones because of NDA agreements.

Public Speaking.  I will not lie, I am the kind of person that loves putting my thoughts in written form. But this one time I was invited by an organization to speak to some young people.

It was scary for me! However, I managed to go do a 30-minute talk and realized I can do it. I have since done a few more talks but is still work-in-progress for me.

Events Coverage. This one time I went to cover an event and the camera guy didn’t show up. My job was to do social media coverage (you normally see people covering different events by now here so you know how those go).

The client asked can you do what you are doing and still take photos of the event? I had never used a camera before, y’all!

Anyway, I was shown how to aim, focus and shoot. The event got covered, hehe. Now I do all that, too.

But what am l going on about here? It is just to make you ponder on all you can do if you put your mind to it.

I mean, how many skills have I mentioned in this write-up if you are to count? And I have not talked about my marketing or accounting skills.

In the words of Eliud Kipchoge, No Human is Limited.

This write up first appeared on my Twitter account:


Manners. Discipline. Growth and Development.

By Rogers Wanambwa

Before we talk about manners in detail, let’s first know what the word means.

Manners are defined as a way in which a thing is done or happens. Additionally, they are also described as a person’s outward bearing or way of behaving towards others.

Now that we know what the word means, let’s expound more on today’s mannerisms amongst people.

Do also you feel like people barely practice good manners around others?

Even as we become more and more ‘evolved,’ it appears that we are leaving behind an essential aspect of life, good manners or behaviour.

Ironically, it is great discipline amongst societies that led them to develop exceedingly. Those that failed to be disciplined, perished.

Whether it is between family members, co-workers, neighbours, or even strangers, it appears to be that we are barely tolerating each other, instead of living harmoniously.

Harmonious living requires that good behaviour is practiced amongst society and ours is on a downward spiral.

I suggest that we look to our past and borrow a leaf from the better aspects of our ancestors’ lives, leaving behind everything that failed them if we are to succeed.

You cannot continue to beaker well into your adulthood and expect to grow and develop economically, let alone politically.

I mean, have ever visited a business and you wonder whether the service providers are not being paid because of how foul their manners are?

It is more common than I would like to acknowledge, unfortunately!

We need really need to check the way we behave towards others in all spheres of life.

I sign out.

Startup: How do you make it work?

Startup: Getting it to succeed.

So, I posed a question on Twitter earlier this evening:

I’m bringing it here and asking y’all the same thing. How do you get it from briefcase to out there getting clients?

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