Song Review (Series): Let me Love you Like a Woman by Lana Del Rey

“I come from a small town far away” By Rogers Wanambwa Have you ever listened to a song and you are like this is what I want? Let me love you like a woman by Lana Del Rey is one of those that I guarantee every heterosexual man out there would agree with! I mean,Continue reading “Song Review (Series): Let me Love you Like a Woman by Lana Del Rey”

Song Review (Series): Voice of God by Dante Bowe

“It can make a grown man cry” By Rogers Wanambwa For some reason, before last year, I had never heard of either Elevation Music or Maverick City Music! Why is it that a big deal? Well, I love worship music and have listened to hundreds of worship songs in different languages. English songs even more.Continue reading “Song Review (Series): Voice of God by Dante Bowe”

Song Review (Series): Speak to Me by Kari Jobe

“Speak to me, I’m listening” By Rogers Wanambwa Don’t you love a touching worship song? Speak to me by Kari Jobe, to me one of the greatest worshipers, is a song that will take your soul to the spiritual realm and get you in touch with the Holy Spirit. As the title says, it isContinue reading “Song Review (Series): Speak to Me by Kari Jobe”

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