When You Left Us

It was a Tuesday, I remember. We were coming back from school and we were from doing the end of first term exams.

I had the cries at home and I instinctively knew that you were gone. We all knew you were not coming back from this round of hospitalization. Still, it was hard when I entered the compound and saw the cars, the people already converging.

And there you were, in a casket, looking all entirely peaceful for the uproar and commotion in the place. Was that a smile on your face?

I guess it was a relief for you. Maybe.

Our journey to your final resting place was bizarre. At least for me. I kept thinking, it was all surreal to be true. All the strangers wanting to see your kids.
Why, but they’re still so young!!! Everyone would exclaim. My God, is that his wife? But she’s so young!!!

Amazingly, scores and scores of people came to see you off. Weren’t you such an introvert? Where did all these people come from?

Everyone was eager to proclaim how we would be catered for. We would not suffer. No! We would study, of course, they would make sure of it. Everything would be fine. Oh, of course, the young mother and her kids would be catered for.

When you left us, things changed.

The ‘friends’ were the first to leave. Never to return. And so did the family as soon as we were back home. They would remain distant, only to check once in a few years by calling to see if we were still there.

I’ll not lie, life would not be easy. It would become very difficult for us, getting to actually see the world for its real face.
Perhaps you shielded us too much. But that was your job, I’ll not begrudge you for being a great father to your kids and a wonderful husband to your wife.

But we have survived. We have thrived.

We learnt to navigate life, we have studied. Even though everyone said we should stop, God is great.

We have grown. In all aspects of the sense of growth.

The future is bright.

But can I ever forget that day or that year? Even when it continues to influence whatever we do today? That year 2009.

Until we meet again dad.

I wrote this in 2019 in remembrance of a decade since our father left us. I posted it a year later, in 2020. Just landed on it and been reminded of the journey that this has been! We continue to look towards a bright future as a family.

For you, Marsella. To remind you that losing a loved one, although hard, we can still move past the pain and thrive.

By Rogers Wanambwa

Appeasement and Conflict Resolution

Appeasement is not conflict resolution. It speaks to co-dependency.

As a person, you need to resolve the conflicts you get yourself into.

1 John 4:20 You can’t love God, whom you’ve never seen, if you don’t love the people you do see! To claim you love God while hating others makes you a liar!

As we get into the new week, and later in the week, new month, think about this.

Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage: What do you think of it?

Did you know that arranged marriages remain the biggest form of marriage in the world?

They constitute 55% of marriages that happen across the globe today. In India, the rate of arranged marriage is 90%. However, in some countries, the man or the woman can reject the chosen spouse. 6.3% is the divorce rate of arranged marriages globally.

But how about you? Today I want to know what my readers think about arranged marriages and marriages in general.

Feel free to comment down below.

Statistics gotten from here.

More Than a Footnote

More Than a Footnote

By Rogers Wanambwa

There’s a reason why for millennia, the whole world has always been fascinated by Africa. We are more than a footnote in the world’s affairs.

Perhaps if we saw our real potential, we would have achieved more than we have so far.

We are the biggest suppliers of raw materials on the world market, even though we earn the least. For every dollar in aid that comes to Africa, ten dollars have left Africa in restrictions by multinational conglomerates.

And we are called poor?

It is the same case when it comes to women. They are the helpers. And we all know helpers are usually stronger of the same strength as those whom they are helping, or stronger.

They are the ones that carry new life and nurture it. This is the most important job as it ensures the survival of a species.

Perhaps if those considered least at the table started seeing their worth, they would create their own table and power dynamics would have a radical shift.


No one must see themselves as a footnote in this world as the Creator did not envision that for anyone. We were created to dominate.

Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth. Genesis 1:28

Those that have embraced this thinking are making significant strides on this Earth wherever they are.

It is high time Africans and women started seeing their potential.

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