Do You Have The Courage To Raise Your Expectations?

By Rogers Wanambwa



1.The quality of being confident, not afraid or easily intimidated, but without being incautious or inconsiderate.

2.The ability to overcome one’s fear, do or live things which one finds frightening.

3.The ability to maintain one’s will or intent despite either the experience of fear, or the occurrence of adversity, frustration, defeat or reversal.

Although this should be an inherent thing in us ad humans since our forefather was created to rule, because of the subsequent events after his creation and later fall from his position, we find ourselves in a precarious state of not being courageous enough.

This is evident in the way Jehovah reminds us throughout the Bible about the fact that we are not meant to be timid or fearful. See for example:

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” So Joshua ordered the officers of the people: “Go through the camp and tell the people, ‘Get your provisions ready. Three days from now you will cross the Jordan here to go in and take possession of the land the LORD your God is giving you for your own.’ ” (Joshua 1:9-11)

And so from this background that is meant to remind you to be courageous, let me ask a few questions:

Are you courageous enough to raise your expectations;

1. In people?

For most of us, we have become very sceptical when it comes to trusting people with virtually anything and everything. Because of past bad experiences, we find ourselves closed off to trust other people.

This is rather detrimental because no business can survive without trust. No thing can be accomplished without trusting others to do their part.

How about you start giving other the benefit of doubt that they’ll do their part and not micromanage everything, tiring yourself out for nothing?

2. In relationships

The thing is that no relationship whether with your parents, siblings, friends, acquitainces, or even workmates can survive without trust.

To trust you need courage and so you have to let go of past biases and develop new relationships with them.

Here, I have to include that you may need to have some tough conversations with said people and that’s where the courage comes in. It’s rather difficult being honest with those that you value in your life. Especially when that honesty is bitter and may lead to losing them.

3. In love

I am not an expert at this subject and so I’ll not pretend to be one. One thing I know however is that it takes courage to fall in love and trust the person to return the favour.

Love is a courageous act and those that are bold are the ones that fall in love. You blindly trust the other person not to hurt you and if that’s not courageous, I do not know what is.

4. In business

If you have trouble trusting people in the above scenarios, chances are high you do even here. But for business to develop, grow and last, you’ll need to have the courage to trust people since nothing is sustainable without team work.

Again, without courage, you’re likely never to do any business because it is scary leaving the comfort of your safety net(like a job) and venturing out on your own to start a business, let alone see it grow.

5. In God

With everything happening today, from pandemics like the noval Coronavirus, to economic meltdowns, to wars, coups, and all the other societal ills, one is bound to question the existence of God and what he is doing while all wreck and havoc happens to us.

Even when He already warned us that these times will indeed come, talking about them and living them are different things, right?

Still, He tells us only the courageous will survive this generation while still believing in Him. Clearly, that doesn’t sound like a walk in the park.

In everything that happens though, He does remain God.
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
Hebrews 11:1, KJV

6. In your government

This one kind of is like the former, a benevolent unseen being that is but can never be pinpointed. Or at least it should be benevolent!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to believe in the government, period. And to have any belief that they still have us in their actions(here I mean those in power and positions of leadership) takes only courage.

7. In yourself

From the hundreds of hours I spend scouring the internet and social media, I have come to a conclusion that people are believing less and less in themselves! Quite unfortunate because this only leads to despair, anarchy, suicide, depression and breakdown of everything.

The over bombardment of false success on the internet leads to people thinking less of themselves and many see themselves as failures never taking stock of their successes and accomplishments.

A lack of vision, goals, role models(and I must emphasize good ones) all contributes to this.
So here’s the thing, you’ve to have the courage to believe in yourself. To see everything not going your way and still believe in yourself and your vision.

You have to let life take its course, living it as it comes and enjoying it. Taking stock of your progress and celebrating it.
Even when you lose, you need to remember that if no one was losing, the word would never exist.

Women Don’t Ask by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever“Negotiation and the Gender Divide”

By Rogers Wanambwa

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been having some conversations with three female friends about their work environment and it appeared they were not contented with some issues ranging from pay to the amount of workload they are taking on(more specifically being given).

Apparently, they are not happy with what’s taking place and when I suggested that they take this up with their employers, they all flat out refused.

This made me curious to know why and I ended up finding this book that talks about reasons why and how such women can muster the courage to speak up for themselves.

“Can women learn to recognize more hidden opportunities in their cir-cumstances—and can the world learn to accept women who ask? Can women overcome their anxiety and f i nd effective ways to negotiate— and can people stop taking a harder line when they negotiate withwomen? Luckily, the answer to all of these questions is yes.” When I saw these questions, I knew I had found the right book.

Many women face a similar situation and the book “Women Don’t Ask” tries to find out how big of a problem this is.

“Take the following example. Suppose that at age 22 an equally qualif i ed man and woman receive job offers for $25,000 a year. The man negotiates and gets his offer raised to $30,000. The woman does not negotiate and accepts the job for $25,000. Even if each of them receives identical 3 percent raises every year throughout their careers (which is unlikely, given their different propensity to negotiate and other research showing that women’s achievements tend to be under-valued), by the time they reach age 60 the gap between their salaries will have widened to more than $15,000 a year, with the man earning $92,243 and the woman only $76,870. While that may not seem like an enormous spread, remember that the man will have been making more all along, with his extra earnings over the 38 years totaling $361,171. If the man had simply banked the difference every year in a savings account earning 3 percent interest, by age 60 he would have $568,834 more than the woman—enough to underwrite a comfortable retirement nest egg, purchase a second home, or pay for the college educationof afewchildren.This isanenormous “returnoninvestment” for a one-time negotiation,” says the book.

This book is important for women and consequently men to read and understand where this deficiency in self assertion in women comes from, how big of a problem it is for humanity and businesses and how it can be overcame.

Suffice to say, after reading it, I recommended it to the three women mentioned earlier.

Accomplishments in 2020(so far)

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBloc #DayTwelve #AugustRush

We still have four full months so I’ll start off by saying, there’s still room for more achievements!
That said, here’s some of the things I’ve been able to achieve:

First of all, I’m an avid reader and writer so many of my achievements this year have revolved around that since we did not move a lot through the year. As a matter of fact, the country is thinking of another lockdown seeing as we have been five times the number of COVID-19 cases recorded daily than during the first four months.

At the beginning of the year, I completed my 100 days – 100 blogs challenge which so me become an established writer in many ways.

As the year continued, I managed to secure a Masters Scholarship at Kampala International University in April, again because of my writing. This has however been put on hold until school resumes in the country, which is very likely to be next year.

I also joined the writing team of the university website where by I have written over 200 articles on the site in the last four months.

Again during this year, I got a job at a Public Relations and Communications firm called NileValley Communications where I am in charge of two clients’ accounts and I’ve been doing that too.

Basically, I am a Social Media manager, Writer, Communications and Public Relations person, and I also dub into Branding.

I was supposed to graduate this month from my second course but unfortunately, due to the above Corona guy, I did not. Apparently, I may or may not graduate in November, so prayers only.

I also made a quarter century on Earth this year!!! Yes, I’m 25 and all those blood pumping questions do across my mind.

Those who made these or are past them know what I’m talking about, haha.

Anyway, I’ve successfully participated in two writing challenges, one from AfroBloggers and another from the UgBloc(this one actually) and through them I got great friends, collaborated with some on articles, became a better writer which helps a lot in my work, and also, I love writing so I have enjoyed the experience.

Now, I’ll tell you one thing, you have to be very open minded, quick to learn and willing to put in tremendous amounts of time to do all these things. For example, I write up to five or six articles a day, check on how our client’s accounts are, read books and articles for research and also monitor other companies for inspiration and ideas.

Another thing is that, you should be willing to sacrifice. Most young people will not do work for free(read volunteer) which is basically where most work starts from. Something to think about.

So yeah, within this period of being home, I’ve somehow managed to do and get all that. Or only that, whichever way you see it.

Praise Jehovah.

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