The Cost of Having no Allegiance

By Rogers Wanambwa

I find having no allegiance to anyone fulfilling. It means you have fought your way to wherever you are alone.

That means that you don’t owe anyone anything! A good feeling indeed.

Yet a concern arises from this. If you don’t owe anyone, doesn’t that mean it most likely no one owes you in return?

I find this scary to think about. Because as humans, we need each other in the end. We are social creatures.

And the Lord said in Genesis 2:18, “It is not good for the man to be alone…”

When you let others help you, it easy for you to help others in return. There is a degree of reciprocity in giving and receiving.

This creates bonds which are important at some point in life. It may not even be in your generation, by the way.

But a situation where you helped no one and no one helped you. Why would you be obliged to think about them? Why would you go out of your way to be there for them?

After all, none of helps the other.

This in turn breeds contempt, jealousy, and anger. Ironic, right? But that is life.

Love is sharing and that is a fundamental notion. We have to be willing to give if we want or need to receive.

We have to have allegiances if we are to survive all that the world bombards us with. It is no coincidence that the most powerful are often allies.

Those that side against them are many a time defeated. This is merely a fact.

So, what is the cost of having no allegiances?

Failure, misery, helplessness, and defeat. No so great a thing in the long run it turns out.

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