Ms Eunice (pt2)

The story starts from here.

Perhaps, you may ask: How did I get out of there?

Well, I got good grades in primary school and a wealthy neighbour promised to pay for my secondary and university.

He did, and honestly, I am grateful for he is one of the few that have since shown me kindness apart from my father.

We never used to get visited at school. It was simply too far away from home and the money our parents would have used for transportation, they sent us to use.

Unfortunately, because I got a sponsor, I went to slightly better schools from my siblings and so our time together stopped in primary school.

We grew apart. Only seeing each other in holidays which were always short.

Add the fact that we would be sent to relatives in said holidays and the valley between us continued to grow.

I don’t blame my parents though. These were times when you would get something from your relatives while returning to school. Part of your school fees, ‘grab’, and so on.

While at school though, something happened that would change my life. In my A’level, this teacher that I trusted so much started making advances at me.

I refused but he threatened to fail me if I refused.

Perhaps should have reported but I was so scared to say anything about it. I had heard that some male teachers would do this from time to time.

I finally gave in and it wasn’t so bad at first. He would lull me into feeling secure and cherished. Giving me extra money to buy breakfast and the like. Mind you, this was small monies he could afford.

Then it came.

One day, out of nowhere, he said I had to “be his proper girlfriend.” Wasn’t I already? Naive, right.

He got to remain behind one night. Our dormitories were across the school and we remained alone.

Should have been a red flag and it was. I was scared! Asked whether a friend should stay behind as we had been taught in our sex education class but…you can imagine.

He forced himself on me and I could do nothing but zone out till he was finished.

I fixed myself up best I could, and went back to the dormitory.

I had to wash the event away! And I did.

I thought I would stay the entire night awake but didn’t I sleep through the night and the next day?

Sick. That was the excuse. Suffice it to say, I didn’t perform in my finals.

I didn’t tell anyone apart from my sponsor who refuses to pay for my university until I explained the sudden change in performance. I had been an A (or Distinction really) student.

Before you know it, I was at university and I decided to take law. Well, I got to know I was not the only one who went through what I went through after we had left the school.

Some of the girls contracted HIV. I didn’t but I got something almost worse.

A fear of men. I became more withdrawn and concentrated on my books.

Then came time and I was out in the world. I was good at what I do. And I’m not bragging. I had a passion to see justice served.

Well, it paid off. It’s how got to this affluent place I was talking about yesterday.

But! Well, let’s finish this tomorrow.😌

Grab: edibles you go with to school. These include bread, roasted gnuts, biscuits, and so on.

Why People Fail?

By Rogers Wanambwa


1. To neglect.
2. To be unsuccessful
3. Not to achieve a particular stated goal

1. State or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, opposite of success.
2. An object, person, or endeavour in a state of failure or incapable of success.
3. Termination of the ability of an item to perform its required function; breakdown.
4. Bankruptcy.

From the definitions above, we can get a glimpse of what failure is all about. However, my focus today will be on what causes failure. That is, why people fail? As it is, there are many explanations for this.

Reasons why people fail:

A) Not beginning:

It is obvious that if you don’t begin, you have already failed. Simple as that. If you want to do something, talking about it, planning about it, and even thinking about it are all a step towards achieving it.

However, achievements are only counted when things are done.

B) Lack of discipline and willpower (mental strength):

Only those who exhibit discipline and mental strength will succeed in their endeavors. This is because there are no easy accomplishments. Even when something seems easily done, those doing it have put in a lot of time to reach a point of making it look simple.

C) Lack of priority:

What are your priorities? Where are you going? What is your plan?
If you can answer such questions, you are not far away from success.

Unfortunately, most people go through life without clarity of what they want and need or where they want to be in life.

D) Lack of reflection/intuition:

You must not forget where you are coming from. Equally important, you must never lose sight of where you are going. Reflecting on where you are coming from gives you insight into what went wrong and helps you to make better decisions.

Not losing sight of where you are going reminds you of why you are doing what you are doing.

E) Excessive focus on short term pleasure/enjoyment:

Wealth, the long-lasting kind, comes from long-term investments and savings. Spending everything you earn on the now is not only foolish but disastrous for your future person and descendants.

Remember, a good parent leaves an inheritance for their children.

So, next time you are failing at this, ask yourself, do you have all the above settled? But do you agree? Let me know below.


Proverbs 13:22: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” (NKJV)

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