Choose Your Hard

By Rogers Wanambwa

All-day, every day, we are making choices. Joyce is the Senior Accountant at one of the companies in town. She earns a hefty salary and is assured of employment because all the bosses are her friends.

However, she has always harboured a dream to start her own events management business. Should she leave her job and concentrate on the business or she should stay at the safe job and forget about the dream?

You see, it is the culmination of all our decisions that will ultimately get us to that end we so dream about.

We have to choose. We are always choosing as it is. Whether to obey our parents or not, whether to study or not, whether to work or not, whether to be responsible or not, whether to do something or not.

The list can go on, but you get the gist.

It is from this background that I suggest that we should all choose our hard.

Before you go on about how you will choose the easy route, let me remind you that even the easy way out can become the hardest ever.

For example, for those that refuse to finish school based on it being hard, it normally dawns on them in the future that life is generally not a red of roses.

It is up to you really, whether you want to marry or not, whether you want to be a great husband or wife. It is up to you whether you not do any of these things.

The consequences naturally are predetermined by you. Why we are quick to shift blame is a quagmire to me!

Choose today, choose your hard. Remember, failing to choose is a choice too.

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