Stars & Scars

By Rogers Wanambwa

Probably because we adore them, it is hard for us to imagine that our stars are as human as ourselves and that they too are just as imperfect. It is even more hard to imagine our stars being vulnerable and maybe weaker than us.

They are our heroes, and heroes are invincible, right?

I mean, how can Superman have scars? He is superman. And yet, even in the comics, all superheroes have weaknesses. Even the villains have weaknesses for goodness sake!

It is amazing then how we expect our stars to have no blemish, defaults, quarks, or even scars. Isn’t that too much to ask? No one is born a star, after all.

From Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Robbin Williams, to Avicii, there were cries of help. But no one came t their rescue. Simply because they were stars. They could figure it out. Surely, someone would come to their rescue, right?

Courtesy Collage

“Don’t they have people on their beck and call?” One would ask. A realistic question, considering. But just as many men die before their time because of immerse pressure that is borne silently, so do our aforementioned stars.

Whether it is a renowned celebrity like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, or simply a dad striving to feed and cater for his family, all of us are stars to someone. Ideally, we all need someone to look out for us and ask whether we are alright.

Courtesy Collage

Someone to confide in. But do you have one?

Photo: By Humphrey Muleba

With the disappointments we keep getting, our trust diminishes and we would rather keep everything bottled up.

Besides, many a time those who expect to be there for us, are the ones that will abandon ship first when things get tough for us.

Still, vulnerability is not a weakness. Showing it too requires undermined strength. I know it. And you do too.

But oh, what a relief it is to share your burdens! To God, if you feel uncomfortable sharing with fellow humans.

I insist on being brave and being vulnerable. It attracts more help than invincibility.

So yeah, even if you are a star, proudly wear your scars. Let everyone relate to you. Let no one use them against you either.

After all, if it is in the light, then how can the darkness use it against you? That’s it for today though. Tell me what you think about vulnerability, stars, and their (our) scars in the comments below.

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