Pride got me Tongue-tied

Photo Credit: Kingsley Osei-Abrah

I want to know everything about you,
But pride won’t let me.
Yet again, I may pass off as creepy or cringy,
Whichever is worse.

Pride got me tongue-tied,
And you, out of reach.

©Rogers M.W

Dark Tunnel

Poem: Dark Tunnel

It’s a Dark Tunnel,
And the walls caved in,
The air ran out,
My lungs scream in agony,
Everytime I try to breathe,
My eyes water,
Whenever I think,
About you or just about anything.

It’s a Dark Tunnel,
Where I am stuck,
My feet feel rooted,
Even while I try to run,
Out of here to you.

If only you would turn back,
And rescue me from here,
Out of this Dark Tunnel.

© Rogers Wanambwa.

Ruined, Still Standing


Ruined, Still Standing,
Ashamed does not begin to define it,
For one who was until recently been the beacon of morals,
It used to be unfathomable that I would sink this low!

But here I am,

I could wallow in pity,
For the loss, I have experienced,
Yet I will power on,
Like how I got here,
I will crawl my way back.

Perhaps this time, it will not be as difficult,
Or maybe it will be more,
Bit at the end of day,

I’m ruined, still standing.

By Rogers Wanambwa

This is an expression of my fear of success. That even as we become more successful and move higher in life, we could as easily fall down.

Before Now

Before Now, Poem

Before Now
I was approachable,
Willing to listen,
Willing to give chances,
My heart was a soft spot.

Before now,
I was more loving,
My words were healing,
My touch,
A source of comfort.

Before now,
I was not this prickly,
My look was not this poisonous,
Nor was my voice.

But here we are.

By Rogers Wanambwa

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