Worst Enermy (Me)


You will not manage this!
I’m telling you you can’t!
Did you see how hard it is?

How did you even get yourself in this situation?
This is how you started the other business that failed.
What has changed now?
I hear you are more experienced! In what?
Failure, that’s what.

You had promised you would be further than this at this point.
Where have you reached now?
You think they don’t know?
You think they don’t say anything about it?
You think they are not laughing at you?

You are deluded if you think for one second that you will be let off the hook.
How are you getting out of this fix?
You are alone. You have always been.

By Rogers Wanambwa

For some reason, our thoughts can be the most dreadful place to live. Yet we have to overcome inner and external fights to succeed. It is always a constant struggle.

Paths Taken


He took this path,
With everyone cheering him on,
Because they all thought it was the road to success.
After all, many had gone down it,
And emerged victorious.

He was never told about the battles to be fought,
The tears and sweat to be encountered,
Or the laborious journey,
Exhausting and excruciating.

They never told him about the failures,
The twist and turns,
For it was never a straight path.

But who could have known?
No one he knew had journeyed that far,
Nor did those that had,
Offer any advice.

The cheering stopped,
The praise ended,
And the questions began,
When will he reach?
How long will he remain at it?
Is it really the road to success?
Even he wondered,
Why he was still on the path?

In the end, it all came down to one thing,
It was the path he had taken,
And he has to see himself complete the journey,
Whatever it took.
Even when that toll was great indeed.

By Rogers Wanambwa

Before I Give Up


Before I Give Up
Throw a sign, that I still have a chance,
Tell me if I will ever have a chance with you,
Even if it may happen,
I don’t need to know that,
Do I?
Not now anyway.

Before I give up,
Send a message,
Reply to the gazillion ones I already sent.
It terrifies me that I am that person!
The one that keeps hoping,
Keeps sending messages,
Keeps burning that candle,
For you.

How you string me along,
With a single text in ages,
Is unavailable!
Because I am the one who normally advises everyone,
To leave people like you.
Yet here we are.
You playing the field,
And me,
Waiting for a chance,
That each passing day deems
Less and less possible.

But before I give up,
Reignite the flame,
Add a tinder into this ebbing flame,
That is my fascination with you,
That is my undying love for you.

By Rogers Wanambwa

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