If I Wrote You a Letter


If I wrote you a letter, would you read it and feel my emotions?
If I looked at you, would you understand what I’m trying to convey?
If I told you how I feel, would you believe me?

I ask because I know others have done all this and more. I wonder, would the simplicity of my gestures be enough?

By Rogers Wanambwa

I first wrote this poem on Twitter:

In The Wind

Sad poems

His demeanor took a leave,
Permanently, it seems.

Because he never bothers to show up anymore.

Tried the whole people thing and found it lacking,
The people shallow and mean.

Tried hospitality and was burned.
Loved and his heart got crushed,
Gave that another chance and it was obliterated.

Was determined to be a people person really.

He then tried to change for others,

Was his efforts appreciated?
No! Never.

Instead, tried harder to be like us was all he got.

Can’t they accept me for who I am?
He asked.

No one answered.

And now he’s gone.
In the wind, he stays.

By Rogers Wanambwa.

Silence That Deafens

Perhaps if you just say a word,
If you could just raise your voice one more time.

Maybe if you could just look at me one more time,
Like you used to.

With the gleam of mischief that spelled trouble for me.

Would you shout at me one more time?

I used to hear use you,
I still do.

Perhaps I was slow at acting,
At changing for the better.

I am not a lost cause,
We can still make this work.

If only you could say something.

What are you thinking about now?
With your face on the window glass,
As you await your cab!

How did we get here?

You are not even hearing me,
Are you?

This silence is unbearable!
This silence that deafens.

By Rogers Wanambwa.

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