Amid a Storm

Poem: Amid a Storm

Amid a storm,
With my earphones plugged in,
And the incessant crashing of waves blocked out,
I sit here with my eyes closed.
Perhaps when I open my eyes,
It will have ceased.
If I ever do.
If it ever does.

By Rogers Wanambwa

If Only

Poem ~ If Only

Loyalty to the death,
That’s what you would get from me,
Quiet unwavering love,
That’s what you would be assured of.

Having your back?
You would never need to ask!
Protection from this cruel world,
You would always rely on me.

Family, our children would be IT.
I can never abandon mine,
Just like you would be assured of provision,
It’s a man’s duty.

You would never need to be more than a woman,
With me, your femininity would flourish,
A woman of substance, like in the Bible.

Does this sound like what you are looking for?
I mean,
Do you see all this in him?
If only you could see me!

By Rogers Wanambwa.

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