Song Review (Series): Let me Love you Like a Woman by Lana Del Rey

Song Review: Let me Love you Like a Woman by Lana Del Rey

“I come from a small town far away

By Rogers Wanambwa

Have you ever listened to a song and you are like this is what I want? Let me love you like a woman by Lana Del Rey is one of those that I guarantee every heterosexual man out there would agree with!

I mean, which man would not want to “be held like a baby?”

Slow, melodious, and captivating, the song embraces romance to a new level.

For anyone that knows Del Rey, you know how her voice is hauntingly good! It takes you to a different realm where things are just rosy and beautiful. Just for those minutes, you listen to this song and I swear you start believing in love again.

That is if you had lost the faith along the way!

I guess it is only befitting that this heavenly love song closes this series.

Intrigued? Check it out here.

Okay, I was not the instigator of this series. My friend, Counsel Mwene did. You can check him out here. We were joined by the delightful Tikia whom you can find here.

Song Review (Series): Voice of God by Dante Bowe

“It can make a grown man cry”

By Rogers Wanambwa

For some reason, before last year, I had never heard of either Elevation Music or Maverick City Music!

Why is it that a big deal? Well, I love worship music and have listened to hundreds of worship songs in different languages. English songs even more.

It is thus amazing that such renown music could fly under my radar for so long!

Voice of God introduced me to these abundantly talented men and women of God and my listening pleasure has never been the same. Next to NF, their music is the most listened to and not to mention the number of songs I possess.

In this one, Dante Bowe starts it off with his silky smooth voice that ushers you into almost 13 minutes of heavenly atmosphere.

I know, I love long songs!😂😂😂

The means message is delivered indeed makes you cry. Tears of joy, that is as you ponder on your relationship with the Most High and the need to renew it.

It reminds you that everyone can and indeed does have a unique relationship with God, argo, communication.

I am big on hearing from God and so like yesterday’s song, Voice of God is one those I love it because it talks about this.

Voice of God emphasizes the fact that God is always waiting for you to turn back to Him. Doesn’t matter how far you have gone away from Him, He is always waiting to talk to you.

Did I mention that ever since I heard it, it has been my ringtone? Yap, that’s true.

How about you also fall in love with it too by listening to it from here.

Song Review (Series): Speak to Me by Kari Jobe

Speak to me by Kari Jobe

“Speak to me, I’m listening”

By Rogers Wanambwa

Don’t you love a touching worship song? Speak to me by Kari Jobe, to me one of the greatest worshipers, is a song that will take your soul to the spiritual realm and get you in touch with the Holy Spirit.

As the title says, it is about humbling yourself in your Creator’s eyes and waiting to hear from them.

A welcome change to the norm where we are always asking for things from Him or saying something!

With muted instruments in the background, you are carried through the song in a floating glory that will leave you refreshed.

The song reminds you of God’s readiness to communicate with and to us. With everything going on around us, we tend to forget about His ever-present nature.

How about you make it a point to always give your God some time to just, well listen to Him Speak to you?

Want to check it out? Click here.

Song Review (Series): Mbeera by Levixone ft Grace Morgan

Courtesy Photo: Mbeera by Levixone & Grace Morgan

“Bwomubuza, agamba mbeera, mbeera, mbeera”

By Rogers Wanambwa

I am a big fan of Levixone and Grace Morgan! First time I saw both of them was at a show at school when both were still upcoming artists. I just loved them and knew they would be big in the future.

I have not been disappointed.

So, today, I’m glad I am reviewing from both!

Mbeera is a classic story told by two vocally talented gospel artists about how life sometimes ends up not how we envisioned it.

It hits close for many people but at the same time, is also quite funny especially when Morgan spices it up with a story about a guy who cheats men out of their money by dressing up as a woman.😂😂

Yet, it reminds us that there’s hope in Jesus Christ, and as a firm believer in the Lord, I am glad about this fact.

I am invariably happy while listening to such vocal prowess from two men that I have followed throughout their musical careers and seeing how they have remained humble despite all that they have accomplished.

Besides the obviously hit song, this lesson must be also be pointed out. If you have followed this series, you’ll have realized that the music I listen to is not just about entertainment by now, right?

But hey, check out the song here.

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