The Irony of Today’s Role Models

By Wanambwa M. Rogers

Courtesy photo

Along the way on this rather long journey that has been this 100days-100blogs challenge, I have written about getting role models a couple of times within the articles and it is from this background(at least partially) that I am compelled to write about the type of role models that today’s generation is picking from. The reason would be how our youngsters are turning out to be.

Because of the advancement in technology, it’s availability and accessibility especially when it comes to the younger generation, we are faced by a severe effect of over exposure to what I’ll term as unfiltered content, which in turn has become detrimental to the building up of the behaivour of the young generation.

Of course, there are other issues to factor in that are contributing to the degradation of their morals including among others, lack of parental guidance, growing up with single parents(especially mothers), lack of spiritual guidance(or spirituality entirely), exclusion from community and extended family, etc.

You may wonder how all the above has affected them?

Well, don’t you wonder how a teenager can get ahold of a gun, go to school and start killing everyone there indiscriminately? However much they’ll try to cover it up, the fact still remains that our society is just in sure a dire state that we should be worried for the future of pur species. That is if we still want to be at the top of the food chain.

I mean, how can a child disrespect their parents so much that they even beat them without remorse? Nowadays, we’ve seen children taking their parents to court just because the parents are doing their job, disciplining them(here I haven’t considered cases where parents have abused their children). In many western countries, it is illegal to cane a child, something that has come up to these ends nowadays. Here I mean caning to discipline. Remember even the Bible says, “throw away the rod and spoil the child.”

The things that children are exposed to nowadays, like near naked women, the foul language in music videos and movies, the violence in music, movies and video games, among other things is increasingly too much and all this is gobbled up by the youngsters. Remember, they’re very impressionable.

What you should know is that they’re not taking to the Journalists for role models for example because they don’t even want to watch the news. The politicians are already marred with all sorts of scandals, corruption and all that that even those aren’t a good role model source(at least some of them are but many aren’t).

What is even more queer is the way the media is intent on increasing showtime for all sorts of non-productive things like music from morning to evening with all kinds of erotic content, movies with the same and programs designed to indoctrinate children with all sorts of weird ideas and dogma.

You think content showing is innocent with no ulterior agenda? Think again.

That coupled with the more increasingly absent parents, we are seeing kids left to their vices and hence making them vulnerable and susceptible to any sort of being taken advantage of and indoctrination.

My point is, we cannot have role models that have failed to hold down relationships, marriages and who do not believe in decent clothing. We cannot have role models that are not spiritual, that are ready to spew all sort of foul language at a moment’s notice and on live screen time and social media and in their videos and audios.

We cannot have role models that make it seem like you can get a good life without working for it, making it seem so easy than it actually is.

We really cannot afford to have role models that openly take all sorts of intoxicating substances making it seem like it is vogue.
We certainly need to have the future of our kind given better. They deserve better. The role models that we’re giving them should change and it is up to you to give your child the best. No one will do your job of raising your child well for you better than you. Get yourself to do better, for them at the very least.

Remember, most child criminals and criminals in general normally have bad upbringings, missing parents or never there parents.

80% of all inmates in US prisons never saw their fathers. Most of these are blacks.

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