Start Up: African Royals Inc.

“Here to cater to all your needs”

By Rogers Wanambwa

#UgBlocMonth #DayNine #AugustRush

Idea: A one stop center for all your needs.

Caters to all types of deliveries: Food, Drinks, Transportation services, Courier services, Hair dressing, Clothes and shoes, furniture, electric appliances and much more.

The reason for starting such a business is that many people are always business working and need a trustworthy and dependable delivery system. One that is 100% guaranteed to deliver and is 100% liable if their things do not reach. One that they can trust with their children’s safety while they are at work. One where by if one is in a hurry and needs transportation, they’re there. One where by you’ve one app and you can do most things.

That’s where we come in.

Execution: The idea is to work with a group of people in the villages to deliver food to the city(where I live) and take drinks, clothes and shoes, appliances and so on back. The Transportation and Courier services are for those around the place.

Basically, an app to do all this is developed from existing tech. There are quite a number of apps that do some of these things here, the idea is to put all of them in one place.

For those in the villages, SMS and calls are the main mode of communication. You should know that most people there work on trust based type of business where by you can even take things and then pay later.

That’s the short term goal.

Long term goal would be to have our own farms to supply these things.

This is just a simplified version of the plan(we can’t give away all company secrets now, can we?)

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